April 4, 2013

an overload of huile

Last weekend's move home spilled over to Tuesday and home still looks like a war zone on Wednesday. Le sigh. Unless I have a battalion of minions {preferably as cute as Felonios Gru's}, I shall not and will not make another move again, ever ... never! 

If the husband is reading this, he's probably giving me the "eye roll" and mouthing NEVER SAY NEVER, DEAR WIFE. Hmprh ... But on the bright side, my mom's home for a two weeks from US and I am thoroughly enjoying an overload of beauty products, including timely additions from The Lilac Box and a very gorgeous mama

Here's a sneak peak into what I'm working on, just so you know that I'm still alive and very much kicking up a storm dust here {cough! cough!} ... stay tuned.