March 28, 2013

giveaway time!


I was afraid that I'll have a comment-less giveaway {embarassing!} but I've got three, so absolutely yay! Here goes - *drum roll!*, the winner of the Skinfood Watery Berry Gift Set goes to - NEESHA. Congratulations, girl! 

But the good news is I've also got little thank you gifties for both you other two girls too ... WaiLeng and Jasmine. So, you three gals please do drop me an email with your name, mailing address and contact number ... the contact number is solely for Poslaju's sake, I pinky promise I will not "accidentally" dial your number. Once I get your details, I'll have the gifties off to you all soonest possible! Thanks.

When life gives you lemons, you should simmer a pot of Williams-Sonoma signature scent in the kitchen. When life gives you berries, you should host a giveaway; a Skinfood Watery Berry kit giveaway, that is.

I have an extra kit with me so I thought I'd share it with you. The Watery Berry range was launched nationwide before Christmas last year, quite fitting really since the design of the collection is very wintery. Formulated wild berry extracts (Arctic Raspberry, Cloudberry and Lingonberry) grown in cold harsh weather and hyaluronic acid, the entire range is all about feeding skin with ample moisture and nutrients for soft youthful complexion.

There are quite a few items in the Watery Berry range but included in this kit are the basics:

Watery Berry Toner NRP RM77.90 : a dewy and hydrating toner which soften skin and promotes a healthy complexion; Arctic Raspberry to deliver nutrients like tannin and tocopherol and hyalorunic acid for hydration.

Watery Berry Emulsion NRP RM77.90 : a dewy and hydrating light moisturizer that replenishes nutrients to skin with various berry extracts and hyalorunic acid to keep skin soft for hours.

Watery Berry Serum NRP RM88.80 : a dewy and hydrating serum with grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil and camellia oil or tea seed oil to deeply moisturize and hydrate skin; clinically proven to improve skin moisture up to 31.8% after use {however, this may vary depending on individuals}.

Watery Berry Wrap Mask NRP TO BE CONFIRMED : a night sleeping mask that creates an airtight moisture barrier {perfect if you're sleeping in an air-conditioned room} formulated with berry extracts and hyalorunic acid to transform skin from dry and dull to smooth and radiant overnight. 

If you're worried about the range being too hydrating and might break you out which I initially was because of my very uncooperative skin, worry not. I've tried the toner, emulsion and serum and the texture is not the least bit oily. It absorbs fairly quickly and is quite refreshing. It also does not come in an in-your-face berry sort of scent either which I usually steer clear off. The formula is recommended for those with combination-dry skin but I have combination-oily skin and didn't experience any problems with it. I actually quite like the emulsion ...

So if you're intrigued, all you have to do is to just give me a holler telling me why you'd like to give this kit a try. You have until MONDAY 15 APRIL 2013 so chop chop.