March 19, 2013

eva armisen for skinfood

While scrolling through a very long list of updates on Facebook last week, I saw this post from Skinfood Malaysia.

Did you just say, "Oh my gosh ... these are so cute!" 
Then did you say to yourself, "Where can I get these?"
After that did you ask yourself, "What's available?"

Yes, they are absolutely adorable. You can get these limited edition makeup and body care products at all Skinfood stores nationwide

There are nine items available under the Eva Armisen for Skinfood collection in Malaysia; four body care products, four makeup products and one nail kit comprising three colours.




But that's all the information I could find online which was quite frustrating. So armed with my iPhone and a sense of curiosity, I checked this collection out after work last weekend. Be warned ... this is a very photo heavy post so it will take a while to load.

There are nine items available in this collection. Here's a quick peek at the packaging and price points. If you squint {or you can just click on the image for a larger preview} you can read a brief description of each item at the bottom of the price point in the tag.

The last tag should read "Happy Nail Kit" instead of "My Shortcake Box". I didn't realize the double tagging until I edited the photos. However, the price point remains as they are.

Now that we've covered basic product descriptions and their price points, let's take a look at some of the items available. However, let's make it clear that this isn't a product by product review - this is just my first impression of the products in the line up.

Alright then ... first up, the VitaTok Lipsticks {nrp RM49.90}.
There are only two colours available; aptly named Eva Pink and Eva Peach, the duo comes in a cute illustrated box packaging that makes the designs printed on the transparent plastic cover of the lipstick tube look bland in comparison. I wish more effort was put into designing a nicer cover because RM49.90 is a tad pricey to pay for so much transparent plastic casing.

I swatched both colours on my arm and found the colours sheer but buildable. The formula is creamy so hydration shouldn't be too much of a worry. I decided to give it a go on my lips by applying Eva Pink on the right and Eva Peach on the left ... weird, I know but it works for me when it comes to comparing lipsticks.

Of the two colours, I preferred Eva Pink because the pink leaned more towards a warmer hue which in turn complemented my skin tone more. Eva Peach on the other hand made me look a little washed out because it was just too coral for me. I wanted to leave the lipstick on longer but the formula had two things that I avoid in a lipstick - scent and taste, both quite strong here - so this is definitely a no-go for me.

Next, the Lime Secret Multi-Pact {nrp RM124.90}. I like the packaging design on this the most in the entire collection but the item description and content is quite confusing. Skinfood describes this as a multi-functional compact powder with pearlescent effect. I was thinking along the lines of a compact powder with luminous effects upon application ... I was so wrong. When I popped open the case, the colours within were so pearlescent, I could think of only one way I could use it for - as a highlighter. The colours were just too shiny to use as eye shadows and did not contain enough colour in them to use as blush for my skin tone. 

The case however, is adorable and the character set in powder inside reminded me of Holika Holika Midnight Owl blush and highlighter, which is still on my WOULD LOVE TO TRY BUT NEVER GOT AROUND TO CHECK IT OUT BECAUSE IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE IN KL list.

There's a plastic base that separates the brush from the powder {tres hygienic} with the packaging's character embossed on it so you'll still have a image of how the powder underneath is set before the details are gone from frequent use.
I swatched the colours and found them to be quite sheer except the tiny pink strip at the bottom which I suppose is the character's camisole. This tiny block of colour here is quite pigmented but I had a hard time picking it up with my pinkie because it kept mixing with the white. Anyhow, here's how the five colours looked on my arm.

When I blended it in, there wasn't any one colour that stood out - just a lot of transparent shimmer. Perhaps I should have picked up more background and camisole instead of the face and hair. I am still on the fence about this particular item ... RM125 is a little steep for highlighter though no matter how cute it is.
Then there's the VitaTok Swirl Pact {nrp RM103.90} which is a creamy foundation that comes in two shades - 01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige. It comes with a two-toned application sponge that is separated by a base like the Lime Secret Multi-Pact. 
This swirl of foundation and moisturizer when combined is suppose to give you flawless and moisturized skin. When I swatched the formula on the back of my head, the formula felt a tad too creamy for my oily-normal combination skin. So I guess I will give this a miss too.

This last item in the makeup line is the My Short Cake Box {nrp RM86.90} which is supposedly "filled with daily makeup essentials".
When I popped open the lid, I found three eye shadows cakes, two eye shadow applicators, a blush and a miniature blush brush. Hmm ... the description of "filled with daily makeup essentials" does come in a little short since they did not include lipstick or gloss {or both, I'm greedy that way} in there which would make for a whole complete package.
The way the cakes were set inside didn't impress me much either because it looked a little rough. I could see glue sticking out from the side of the eye shadow and blush pan and the eye shadow trio wasn't flushed either. You can see how the brown cake sticks out of alignment a little in the photo above. I'm not sure if this is just to this one particular box but then, it just doesn't feel like its worth the almost ninety ringgit you'll be forking out for it. Anyhow, here are the colours swatched on my arm.
I'm not sure what the colours in the kit are actually named so I gave them names of colours similar to it. The first colour is a golden hue of champagne with glitter in it. The second is a matte coral while the third is matte brown that reminded me of milk chocolates. Then, there's also the soft coral-ish pink blush which did not quite show up on my arm even after two swatches, which might be a good thing for those with a heavy hand when applying blush {tee hee}. I think the colours in this kit are pretty but unfortunately they're a tad too coral for me - and yes, they only come in this one colour. 

Last in the makeup line, the Happy Nail Kit {nrp RM126.90} which comes in a set of three colours - pink, red and indigo. I couldn't give these a try because there weren't any testers available.
In the body care line, I'll only be featuring the hand cream {RM47.90} and the body cream {RM79.90} because the body mist is a body mist and the shower gel is a shower gel. Both the hand cream and body cream contains macadamia nut extract, cashew extract and coconut extract, so for those with allergy to nuts might want to steer clear of this.

Scent wise, it's a balanced combination of floral/fruity but it's not a head-turning sort of scent. It's almost similar to Skinfood's Cherry Milk Soft Hand Essence they had on sale earlier this year but softer and not so sweet.
The consistency of the hand cream is creamy and thick. It left my hands feeling soft and lightly scented. I didn't try on the body cream mainly because I was running out of limbs to test but I did give it a whiff and it too carried the same soft floral/fruity blend like the hand cream ... so did the body mist and shower gel.
So, there you have it ... the "almost" complete lineup of Eva Armisen for Skinfood makeup and body care line.

As much as I love the whimsical illustrations on all the products, I can't quite justify the price tag placed on the entire line. I just think there are similar products out there that are better in built and quality and comes in a wider range of colour selection so I can actually buy a colour I can use instead of buying it because it's a limited edition item.

Or, I can blame it on my years because if I was ten years younger, I wouldn't have hesitated buying the lipsticks even with its scent and taste and the highlighter and using it as blush ... But then, if I were ten years younger, I wouldn't have that kind of buying power either.

What do you think ... would you give this collection a yay or a nay?