March 11, 2013

burberry beauty light glow no. 3 rose

When Lily at ChloeAsh wrote about how a mulberry popped her Burberry cherry, I was still sitting on the fence on which Burberry I should loose mine to. So after much research and mulling in front of my laptop, I decided on Light Glow No. 3, Rose  and it was lust and love at first sight.

The moment I took my Burberry Light Glow out from its packaging, I took a deep breath and said "meeek!". Yes, I said "meeek!" and embarrassingly so. You see, I have a soft spot for beautiful packaging. Burberry Beauty is beautifully packaged. It's simple and the lines are clean yet it exudes sophistication and class and it's just oh, so Burberry.

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush comes in a tan textured box with silver embossed words. The feel of the box is expensive and after turning and flipping the box around, admiring if from every single angle and with bated breath no less, I opened the flap and yes, more "meeek!"

The inside of the box was almost mirror-like and encased within it's own black velvet pouch, was my very  first Burberry - it absolutely took my breath away. If you're rolling your eyes at me now ... yes, I realize this is makeup. But then you haven't seen me when I saw Tenaya Lake at Yosemite National Park  - I was an awed over-excited loon {clears throat}. Me right now is nothing compared to then. 

I've been through a lot of blushers {and lipsticks and blushers}. They've always been a hit or miss with me, more often misses than hits. I've tried drugstore brands, mid-to-premium brands, powders and stains and unfortunately, none of them comes close to how much I like this as a product as a whole. The one other blush I have right now that I love as much as I do this is my Lumiere Cosmetics blush in Fresh Roses from Loving Minerals only if compared for quality - unfortunately, it looses out big time when it comes to packaging. 

The Burberry Beauty Light Glow no. 3, Rose comes in a tres chic highly reflective 7cm x 7cm square metal case; one that will make people turn and take notice of it. Unfortunately, when a product comes in a highly reflective case it also means it is a magnet for oil and fingerprint prints which is probably the only con I can think off here.

Iconic Burberry Checks are engraved all over the top lid while the words "Burberry" are printed {not engraved nor embossed} on the front bottom lip. The words may fade so use with care if you want to keep them there. The case is quite heavy compared to all the blushes I've own and it opens and close to magnets, not the conventional push-to-open and click-to-close sort of case. On the inside, the mirror is full frame and it comes with a miniature angled blush brush. The bristles are slightly softer than the brush from another premium brand I previously reviewed. It's also slightly denser.

Burberry Beauty Light Glow no. 3, Rose is essentially pink in hue with a touch of coral. The blush is lightly scented and smells of roses.

When applied to skin, it turns into a creamy-like-texture. I like to blend it down with my mini kabuki brush from Loving Minerals because the bristles are denser.

The color is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I applied the colors to my cheeks the usual way the first time I used it but I had to wipe off quite a bit to avoid the monkey buttocks look - it is that pigmented. I learned my lesson then and have since been applying it with a light hand.

This particular color is in a warm hue, thus giving a natural flush to the cheeks. The staying power is pretty impressive - it stayed on a full day and I managed to stretch it to almost ten last week - my cheeks still had a rosey tinge to it when I got home.

I would definitely recommend this blush if you're in the market for one. The packaging is chic and sturdy {metal casing and magnetic clasps, need I say more?}; the colors are highly pigmented and the staying power is pretty impressive. The only drawback might be the oil/fingerprint magnet on the casing and of course, the price. But I suppose if you compare it with another premium brand I reviewed earlier, it is only RM20 extra.

The Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush is available in a range of colors from pinks to corals to earthy neutrals. Here's what is available at Burberry Beauty Malaysia:
no. 01 Russett
no. 02 Cameo
no. 03 Rose
no. 04 Peony
no. 05 Blossom
no. 06 Tangerine
no. 07 Earthy
no. 08 Misty
no. 09 Coral Pink - New: Burberry Spring 2013 Siren Red collection.
no. 10 Hydrangea Pink - New: Burberry Spring 2013 Siren Red collection

If you would like more information about the shades, do give The Beauty Look Book a visit. For shades 01 to 08, click here; for shades no. 09 and no. 10, click here.