March 28, 2013

giveaway time!


I was afraid that I'll have a comment-less giveaway {embarassing!} but I've got three, so absolutely yay! Here goes - *drum roll!*, the winner of the Skinfood Watery Berry Gift Set goes to - NEESHA. Congratulations, girl! 

But the good news is I've also got little thank you gifties for both you other two girls too ... WaiLeng and Jasmine. So, you three gals please do drop me an email with your name, mailing address and contact number ... the contact number is solely for Poslaju's sake, I pinky promise I will not "accidentally" dial your number. Once I get your details, I'll have the gifties off to you all soonest possible! Thanks.

When life gives you lemons, you should simmer a pot of Williams-Sonoma signature scent in the kitchen. When life gives you berries, you should host a giveaway; a Skinfood Watery Berry kit giveaway, that is.

I have an extra kit with me so I thought I'd share it with you. The Watery Berry range was launched nationwide before Christmas last year, quite fitting really since the design of the collection is very wintery. Formulated wild berry extracts (Arctic Raspberry, Cloudberry and Lingonberry) grown in cold harsh weather and hyaluronic acid, the entire range is all about feeding skin with ample moisture and nutrients for soft youthful complexion.

March 27, 2013

a little bit of williams-sonoma at home

Moving is tough ... cleaning up before moving is tougher. After three days of sorting, thrashing, vacuuming, moping, scrubbing, wiping, unpacking and arranging ... the house is finally looking more like a home although it's not quite smelling like one yet. I hate using store bought air fresheners especially with the kids in the house. So when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I decided to try it out ... how wrong can you go with a supposedly Williams-Sonoma signature scent, right? 

I haven't been into a Williams-Sonoma store before but after letting this concoction to slowly simmer on my stove for about half a day {adding water as needed, of course}, I wished I took the time to visit its flagship store when we were at Union Square in San Francisco almost three years ago. In case you're wondering what Williams-Sonoma is, it's a high-end American consumer retail company that sells kitchenware  furniture and linens as well as other housewares and home furnishings, along with a variety of specialty foods, soaps and lotions.

All you need is a FEW SPRIGS OF ROSEMARY, ONE LEMON SLICED and a teaspoon of VANILLA EXTRACT in a pot and allow it to simmer on low heat. After just five minutes, the whole house will start smelling ... well, it's a scent that I can't quite put into words. It's got a fresh zing to it from the lemons, mixed with a hint of sweetness from the vanilla and savoriness from the rosemary. It's quite decadent and delicious at the same time but not the mouth watering kind; a conundrum of scents and I absolutely love it.

{ image credit : one more moore }

March 21, 2013

destination : home

I've lamented about this countless times before and I shall lament about it again ... OH, HOW TIME FLIES! WHERE DID IT ALL GO?

Lil' Kai is going to be seven months in less than two weeks ... can you believe it, seven months? 

Anyway, while I continue lamenting ... just to let you guys know that I will be on blog-silence for the next few days because me and my trolls kids will be moving back home over the weekend and everyone's going to need some time to readjust. 

However, please do check back on me sometime middle of next week, because I have a surprise to share!

xoxo - jamie


March 20, 2013

size does matter when it comes to getting naked

Bet you're only reading this post because of the title, eh? ... {insert chirping cricket sounds here}.

March 19, 2013

eva armisen for skinfood

While scrolling through a very long list of updates on Facebook last week, I saw this post from Skinfood Malaysia.

Did you just say, "Oh my gosh ... these are so cute!" 
Then did you say to yourself, "Where can I get these?"
After that did you ask yourself, "What's available?"

Yes, they are absolutely adorable. You can get these limited edition makeup and body care products at all Skinfood stores nationwide

There are nine items available under the Eva Armisen for Skinfood collection in Malaysia; four body care products, four makeup products and one nail kit comprising three colours.




But that's all the information I could find online which was quite frustrating. So armed with my iPhone and a sense of curiosity, I checked this collection out after work last weekend. Be warned ... this is a very photo heavy post so it will take a while to load.

March 18, 2013

crabtree & evelyn's new tarocco orange with eucalyptus and sage

Earlier this month, Crabtree & Evelyn launched the new Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage collection nationwide and VIP members were sent mailers with a voucher to redeem a 5g sample packette of the range's hand therapy or body lotion, depending on stock availability.

I received the range's hand therapy sample packette last week and it was presented on an leaflet similar in design to the introduction mailer I received in February; a nice little touch since I usually only get the sample packettes and will have to either find the introduction mailer {which lil' Ee would have nabbed because it is very pretty} or go online if I wanted to refresh my memory.

If you missed my earlier post introducing this new range from Crabtree & Evelyn, here's a quick recap ...

March 12, 2013

burberry sheer foundation - trench no. 5

I love Burberry's Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base and the Beauty Light Glow Blush so when I received a sample of the Sheer Foundation in Trench no. 05, I was as excited like a kid on Christmas morning.

Burberry Sheer Foundation is a sheer, light cream fluid which is supposedly hydrating and contains UV filters to protect from damaging environmental exposure. Its structure is gel-like for optimum light diffusion. It also claims to give a subtle finish and natural glow that illuminate the skin so it feels beautifully bare, supple and comfortable.

March 11, 2013

burberry beauty light glow no. 3 rose

When Lily at ChloeAsh wrote about how a mulberry popped her Burberry cherry, I was still sitting on the fence on which Burberry I should loose mine to. So after much research and mulling in front of my laptop, I decided on Light Glow No. 3, Rose  and it was lust and love at first sight.

March 8, 2013

happy international women's day!

{ image credit : Google }

It's 8 March, so Happy International Women's Day, girlfriends! Be strong, be brave and be beautiful ... be you.
"... Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels." ~ Faith Whittlesey

lancôme trèsor in love

I personally think every girl should have a classic scent in her collection of fragrances. Mine is Trèsor, the iconic perfume from the Lancôme. Created by perfumer Sophia Grojsman and launched in 1990, the original Trèsor is a romantic combination of flowers and fruits which gives it its signature scent.

Trèsor is essentially a rose fragrance with TOP NOTES of rose petals, apricot blossoms and peach tree flowers, MIDDLE NOTES of lily of the valley, heliotrope, iris and vanilla and BASE NOTES of sandalwood and musk yet it doesn't come off smelling like a typical rose fragrance. I know, I know ... it also goes against everything I look for in a perfume ... from the scent to the colour but this particular fragrance is a conundrum of scents - you will either love it or hate it. I ♥ it.

March 6, 2013

caudalíe divine oil

When you mention the word "oil" to me, the first image that comes to my mind is the big tong of "Minyak Cap Kapak" - a household name of cooking oil in most Malaysian household.

Now mention "beauty oil" to me and the first image that comes to my mind is a fancy smancy glass tube of more "Minyak Cap Kapak".

So when I was reading up on Caudalíe and came across their much raved about "Huille Divine" or "Divine Oil", yes ... more "Minyak Cap Kapak" images flashed across my mind. Yeah, yeah ... roll your eyes at me all you want but even the colour of the Caudalíe's Divinve Oil looks just about the same, k?

Anyhow, after reading through close to three dozen reviews raving about it {it takes THAT much reading to convince me to even think about trying anything}, I emailed my mom to see if she could get me a bottle from Sephora in US {nrp USD $49 for 3.4 oz} since she'll be be back home visiting her grandkids for a fortnight at end of the month. Besides, I think it would complement very well the two immigrant products that leapt into my shopping bag yesterday.

March 5, 2013

caudalíe beauty elixir and vinosource sos thirst-quenching serum

I caved ... I so totally caved. 

I went to AEON with the intention of purchasing a crock pot but I came back with a crock pot, a bottle of Caudalíe Beauty Elixir and a bottle of Caudalíe Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum. A woman with a growing addiction to skincare & beauty products and access to Google during lunch time should never ever to allowed to go shopping alone for a crock pot. 

March 4, 2013

lancôme blush subtil rose #30

I have a confession - I'm a make-up newbie. I've only been actively using makeup since returning to work after lil' Kai's two months maternity leave. That was six months ago today which means all the reviews I write not only comes from a thirty-something's point of view, it also comes from a thirty-something who is learning about make-up ... from scratch. There is also one thing this old newbie likes to do and that is reading up on a lot of reviews before requesting for a sample or making a purchase. The latter especially true for the premium brands that cost an arm, a leg and sometimes half a thigh from the other leg too.

So today, I'll be reviewing Lancôme's Blush Subtil Rose in #30 Rose Melba at nrp RM120. Seriously Lancôme ... ouch! 

March 3, 2013

baby porridge how-to

Lil' Kai turned six months a few days back which means this mama has permission from everyone necessary to don her kitchen gear and start dishing out baby porridge because this mama is in desperate need of sleep. Yup, you read right - sleep.

When lil' Kai was born and up until about about two months old, he slept like a log which meant this mama could afford some decent sleep time at night. Everyday and night with him was "milk-burp-diaper change-sway-sleep-repeat" {with bath time thrown in between, of course}. 

Unfortunately, when months three and four came by so did my four-hour-block of sleep. He needed to be fed or he'll be screaming bloody murder at 1 am and 5 am, give and take half an hour. Then at five months, my four-hour-block of sleep was chopped in half and now at six months, le sigh. Let's just say whenever I walk into the office with a cuppa in hand, my boss knows not to ask me how I am or if I slept well the night before.
Anyway, my little boy is now at six and a half ounces of milk per each four hour feed and is slowly inching to seven ounces which I suspect will happen in about a week or two more. Which is why this sleep deprive mama is busting out the baby porridge - at the rate he's going, he's going to be hungry every hour if he's only fed milk.

So this morning, while the kids entertained themselves with Teletubbies - I was in the kitchen preparing this.