February 25, 2013

taking photos of the kids

So last weekend, dearest husband and I attempted yet again to take some fancy smancy photos of the kids without an urge to ductape them since he brought the DSLR back with him. After almost half a day of attempts in between brunch and the kid's nap time, these are some of the very few decent shots we manage to snap of the kids.

Lil' Ee posing with lil's Kai right before mama attempts to feed him his bowl of avocado mush.

Apparently, lil' Kai doesn't quite like avocado. Fine, it's green mush - should have added some banana mush to his mush bowl like the last time. Oh well, more reason for me to go shopping ... uhm, I mean grocery shopping.

Lil' Kai and a "Phew!" moment after mama gave up trying to feed him his bowl of mush.

By late evening, both papa and mama were exhausted. Hats off to the photographers who specialises in kid photography - you have our utter and utmost respect.