February 5, 2013

the lilac box - valentines 2012 edition

Alright people ... say "oooh!". Good. Now say "aaah!". Good. Because you're going to be "oooh!"-ing and "aaah!"-ing throughout this entire post. Muahahaha!

So, this morning started out like every other morning. Got woken up {again} at six by lil' Kai because he couldn't sleep anymore and decided kicking mommy would be more fun rather than attempting to go back to sleep. Then it was off to the office I went a-trudging at eight and all was well until mid-morning when dearest husband WhatsApp-ed me that he had the chicken pox. Seriously, this man's pox has the worst timing ever! So naturally, I was in a fowl mood {get it?} the whole day until I got back and found a parcel waiting for me ... something I had completely forgotten about.

Do forgive the horrid pixelation on the photos - it was late evening when I took these photos and I was only armed with my humble iPhone. My Canon Ixus got camera-jacked by lil' Ee and the DSLR by Mr. Chicken Pox-ed.

Anyhow, I present to you the debut of the long awaited thelilacbox ... now would be a good time to start your "oooh!". Well done ... let's proceed to the "aaah!", shall we? After lil' Ee ribbon-napped and ran away with the polka dotted ribbon, behind the box was a message which I am sure is meant for all men out there although most would pretend not to understand it.

However by the time I post this I have put something nice inside for Mr. Chicken Pox-ed for after he's recovered and hopefully, I'll get this box back in return with something nice along the lines of Pantone #1837 inside ... so I'm a tad delusional but a wife can dream, can't she?

Anyhow, here's what is hidden behind the lilac coloured tissue ... an uber cute -filled envelope with a note inside and six squeal worthy premium goodies. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that if you did not subscribe to this debut box ... you will be kicking yourself. If you don't believe me ... just read on.

Squeal #1. An 80ml bottle of Kérastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Reconstructing Shampoo; a daily reconstructing shampoo for weakened to very damaged hair. It's suppose to rebuild and strengthen the hair fiber at all levels of hair erosion, reconstruct hair, intensifying strength from roots to ends, help prevent breakage and split ends with the patented Intra-Cylane® and smooth and protect the surface of the hair fiber. 

Squeal #2. A 75ml tube of Kérastase Resistance Ciment Anti-Usure Vita-Cement Topseal; a daily conditioner to strengthen weakened to very damaged hair with all the goodness of the shampoo. I swear the guys at LilacBox is psychic because given the condition my hair is in now, it's perfect timing I got these to try!

And yes, the LilacBox is run by three testosterone filled men. A pretty cool fact, ain't it? I think their girlfriends or wives are very fortunate women.

Squeal #3. A 10ml bottle of Decléor Aroma Cleanse Essential Cleansing Milk which claims to be a light and silky emulsion with Neroli Essential Oil to promote hydration and softens and soothe with Sweet Almond Oil. With it is also a 10ml bottle of Decléor Aroma Cleanse Essential Tonifying Lotion which completes make-up removal, removes any traces of the milk and prevents the skin from drying out. Both bottles are packed in a tres tiny and cute plastic buttoned bag.

Squeal #4 - A 30ml tube of the vibrant, sensual and decadent Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion. This Roberto Cavalli perfume belongs to the amber-floral family. It is an exuberant and sunny fragrance whose top notes, lit by pink peppers, exude a genuine strength of character. Vibrant and sensual, it exhilarates and mesmerizes from the very first contact. At the heart of the Roberto Cavalli perfume one finds all the majesty of the absolute of orange blossom. It is a colour as much as a scent that reveals an ultra-feminine trail and leaves no-one indifferent. This sensuality finally wraps itself into the captivating base notes of the tonka beans that leaves an appetizing imprint on the skin… essentially addictive. 

Squeal #5. The very much raved about Max Factor Nailfinity in limited edition Boji, a gorgeous nude-mauve shade that unfortunately was in limited quantities hence sold out ... but I got a bottle. Muahahaha!

Squeal #6 and Squeak #1. I got so excited over this one I actually squeaked! Four sample packets of Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base ... score! {calm, woman. calm. uuuuuum ....} It's a one shade for all skin tone perfection and an all-in-one make-up and skincare product to moisturize and highlight. Apply as a moisturizer for a radiant glow or use as a shimmering highlighter.

I will be testing and reviewing the products in the weeks to come but so far, every single item is getting a thumbs up from me based on what I've read from the original product website and online reviews. Job well done, guys! I cannot wait for your next box ...

So for those of you who did not subscribe ... you kicked yourself yet?