February 27, 2013

roberto cavalli perfumed body lotion

If you read my post on Anna Sui's Secret Wish which I absolutely  and still do, you'll know that I  unique cool scents with a hint of fruitiness in it. You will also know that I am quite particular when it comes to the color of the perfume itself and I would never purchase a perfume with liquid that is in hues of red or yellow because more often than not they smelled very rich and are super heady and more often than not gives me a pounding headache within seconds of application.

But then Thelilacbox had to put this in their Valentine's edition box -  a generous 30 ml tube of Roberto Cavalli Perfumed Body Lotion. Le sigh.

You see, this perfume goes against everything I  in a perfume. For one, it came fiercely packaged - in a gold box with leopard stripes on the bottom and a marbled turquoise band separating the decadent gold from the fierce leopard. Second, the original perfume in a bottle is in hues of golden yellow and thirdly, the scent is decadently rich and extremely heady. Fourth, I don't even like leopard prints or anything with animal prints on.

BUT ... I am in  with this fragrance and right now, I am still in disbelieve that I am actually contemplating on purchasing a bottle when I run out of the body lotion - my jaw is still resting on the floor where it fell with loud thud a while ago.

Created for women who want to be noticed {and perhaps has an addiction to wearing animal print dresses, which is entire optional by the way}, Roberto Cavalli launched the Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum in 2012. The fragrance in itself is an intense oriental-floral. Based on notes of orange blossom which symbolizes the Italian femininity  sensuality and extravagance, there is also a hint of amber-oriental nuances of benzoin, pink pepper, tonka beans and vanilla.

I've only worn this body lotion twice. I dabbed it straight from the tube onto my wrist, and when I mean dab I literally mean a small dot the size of our five cent coin. Rolls your eyes at me all you want but this is a type of scent that I normally shy away from but I want to  this so I'm taking baby steps, people!

When first applied, it assaulted my senses with a rich decadent scent but after a few minutes, it mellowed down into a sensual sexy powdery note. Believe it or not, that small lil' dot was enough to last me four hours but it may last longer if you apply it more liberally than I do.

It's hard to grasp Roberto Cavalli as a perfume by just reading it's top, middle and base notes. It's a rich heady scent that is also elegant and decadent at the same time. It's 'the' fragrance you'll want to wear for a night out about town with you're on a date. It's 'the' fragrance you'll want to wear when you want to exude mystery and sexy sophistication but in a bad-ass sort of way. It's 'the' fragrance you'll want to wear when you want to bring it on while wearing a pastel pink tutu yet convey the raw power and grace of a 300 pound tigress. It's a fragrance you need to try and judge yourself ...

Oh, before I forget - the ingredient list.