February 26, 2013

lil' kai and his avocado adventure

I read online that avocadoes make great first foods for baby so I bought three from Jusco for lil' Kai - he loved it the first time I bought it and mashed it up for him with half a ripe banana. This time, I decided to go sans banana and apparently my little boy didn't quite like it. Alright, he hated it. Maybe I should just stick with adding bananas the next time.

Anyhow, here's what happened in photos - taken by the daddy on his fancy smancy camera and narrated on blog {with a tad bit of salt, pepper and a whole load of spices added} by the mama.

Lil' E : "Psst ... I think mama's feeding you bright green mush for lunch."

Lil' Ee : "Hmm ... I wonder what he's thinking?"
Lil' Kai : "Hmm ... I wonder if it's yummy?"

Lil' Kai : "Wait ... did you say bright green mush?!"
Lil' Ee : "Ai yak!"

Lil' Ee : "Somebody's eating green mush and it ain't me!"
Lil' Kai : "Oh, crap ..."

Lil' Kai : "It don't look too bad. I wonder how it tastes?"

Lil' Kai : Nom, nom, nom ...

Lil' Ee : "So lil' brudder, how does green mush taste like?"

Lil' Kai : "Blergh!"