February 19, 2013

{ project house-to-home } ideas for the kid's room

Time flies. It's a fact and there's nothing I can do about it except maybe gripe about it once in a while especially when you wake up one morning and realize that your kids seem to have grown overnight, or so it seems and you wonder where the heck did all the time go?

Well, lil' Kai is now 5.5 months old and I think it's about time to scoot all our little too-shies back home. After 5.5 months of vacating what was home to dearest husband, myself and lil' Ee, it now needs a lot of TLC especially with the addition of lil' Kai ... and I mean a heck of a lot of TLC. Ay, caramba ...

Ay, caramba or not, I'm now on a mission to turning our house into a home so I'll be starting a series of post dedicated to this not-so-little project of mine - talk about biting off more than I can chew - but someone's gotta do it.

Just discussing it with dearest husband the other day completely overwhelmed me - where do I even begin?! You can trust dearest husband to come up with a brilliant idea {or so he thinks). His answer and solution - "From scratch, dear wife. From scratch".

Well, dearest husband, this would mean carting out all the furniture we don't want and replacing it with furniture we wanted. Great, except that would also mean that I'll will be sleeping on the floor with the kids and cooking with charcoal in the porch if my dearest husband had his way. Men ... (>ლ)

The home I am trying to make for us is the very same home I grew up in, which means it's very much older than I am. My mom has dumped in quite a fortune into renovating the place a decade ago but no offence ma - pastel pink kitchen tiles from the floor to the ceiling does not match teak kitchen furniture, especially with a giant round marble table right smack in the middle of it. Le sigh.

I know I'm going to have to tackle all the misdecorating issue sooner or later if I'm going to make a home for all of us - so I've decided to start with the kid's room first. Both kids will be co-sleeping with me until they get use to the house, especially lil' Ee who has gotten so used to staying at gramp's place ... I figured I have a some time for some DIY.

So for this post, I'll be sharing my inspiration for the colour of the room, flooring and the closet concept.

Since lil' Ee will be sharing the room with lil' Kai for a while - like the next six years, kiddos - I've decreed that the room will have a gender neutral shade. I've been stalking quite a few sites via the computer at work and on my iPhone at night. My favourite sites - Ikea on the computer; Pinterest and Houzz on my iPhone.

Since this is primarily a kid's room {and kids will always be kids}, everything in the room will need to be functional and easy to clean.

I've left the task of flooring to dearest husband since it's his neck of the woods. We've decided on vinyl flooring which looks like hardwood floor - much cheaper than the real thing {good for daddy's wallet}, easy to clean {good for mommy's sanity}, slightly padded because they are vinyl {good when you have Mexican jumping beans for kids} and is apparently hypo-allergenic {good for everyone}. Win-win!

I love the dark brown in this colour scheme for the floors, matched with the first shade of warm grey and the last shade of light grey for the walls - I'm thinking two walls in warm grey and two walls in light grey.

The biggest purchase for the kid's room will be the closet. I am not very keen on installing a permanent closet because kids grow and so do their wardrobe {and their 'treasures' - lil' Ee loves to hoarde}. Installing a permanent closet will not give me the freedom to fully utilize a space that will be shared by two kids {and their 'treasures'} nor allow me to move things around when the kids get older.

While stalking Pinterest for inspiration, I came across these two pics which gave me an idea using the Expedit series from Ikea which I love for its simplicity, customisability and  functionality.

{ credit : pic 1 from sandandsisal.com
pic 2 I forgot where I got this from - will update when I find the link! }

I love the open closet concept in the first pic and the railing in the second pic so I'm hoping that my little combination below using the Expedit might just work; accessoried with the Expedit inserts, the Branas basket and the Bonnet bevel-edged mirror pasted to one side. Dearest husband will be handling the railing part because it will most likely involve power tools and that part of any job in the house, I leave to him.

Price breakdown per unit:
  • Ikea Expedit White (5 x 1) - nrp RM199 (SKU 401.854.93)
  • Ikea Expedit White (2 x 4) - nrp RM249 (SKU 301.952.04)
  • Ikea Expedit Insert w 2 Drawers in White - nrp RM100 (SKU 702.049.37)
  • Ikea Bonett Bevel-Edge Mirror - nrp RM79 (SKU 001.707.33)
  • Ikea Branas Basket in Black - nrp RM39.90 (SKU 402.279.21)