February 14, 2013

friends cafe revisited and still ♥-ing it!

When it comes to "family traditions" during Chinese New Year, my side of the family's tradition is simple - sleep. Whereas my dearest less-chicken-poxed husband's side of the family prefers to eat and during this Chinese New Year, we so ate!

But out of all the days we went a-nom-noming, my favourite was when we headed back to Friends Cafe - yes, we Chins cannot get enough of this place.

The reason why we this place is really quite simple - good customer service. The chef/owner, Mr. Thum communicates with his customers, listens and accomodates wherever and whenever he can. He also improves.

For instance, the last time we went to Friends Cafe for dinner my MIL mentioned to Mr. Thum that lil' Ee would like some bread with her en·trée {she had soup} - and he remembered. This time when our en·trée came, there was bread with some beurre demi-sel {French for 'slightly salted butter'} not just for lil' Ee but for everyone - even those who were having the garden salad ... nice, right?

I had the garden salad - my little girl nicked my soup ... again.

Bread served with some beurre demi-sel.

I had to have the grilled duck breast again and this time, Mr. Thum made some pretty nice improvements. The wedges, mash, arugula {roquette to some} and yummy sauce were still there but instead of the salsa which he used the last time I had it, he replaced it with some 'hiyashi wakame' or seaweed salad. Personally, I ♥  the switch because it complemented the dish better. The dish was also less salty because we mentioned to him that it was the last time - he remembered, again!

The yummy wedges, mash and drool worthy piece of grilled to perfection duck breast, topped with arugula. The 'hiyashi wakame' is hidden behind the mountain of mash and meat.

My very cool glass of iced lemon tea.

I forgot to take a photo of our dessert which was a very moist slice of chocolate cake served with a dollop of chocolate ice cream. Oh well ... next time then and you can bet your bottom dollar or ringgit that I'll be back there again. Maybe this weekend for a post Valentine dinner since dearest less-chicken-poxed husband is finally home.