February 23, 2013

crabtree & evelyn's new tarocco orange with eucalyptus and sage

Crabtree & Evelyn is a brand I'm extremely familiar with -  it used to be seven floors down from my office and I could spend my lunch hour sniffing and trying out each and every product they had. Sadly, my haven of lunch time comfort and only connection to Crabtree & Evelyn in Ipoh is no more since a change of hands in management {no more freebies and goodies during company annual dinners too} - but on the brighter side of things, I scored a free VIP membership. So, every few months or so I'll be sent gorgeous mailers informing me of a new range and ongoing promotions and usually comes with a free sample.

This month, I received a beautiful mailer and on its cover is the new Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage.
A modern interpretation of a classic style of scent, fresh and lively Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage is inspired by the European tradition of citrus colognes that are ubiquitously used to fragrance the body from top to toe.
Eucalyptus and sage adds a bright, herbaceous twist that brings a contemporary edge. This blend of sparking citrus with leafy green herbs is given a touch of forest freshness with a hint of cedarwood and crushed patchouli leaves. The result is a clean, invigorating scent with universal appeal that subtly scents the skin and inspires a sense of uplifting well-being.
The Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage collection deeply cleanses, balances and detoxifies, bringing a cool and refreshing touch to your skin.

If you're wondering what Tarocco Orange are - it's also known as the blood orange; a variation of the orange with crimson, almost blood-coloured flesh on the inside. There are three types of blood oranges; the Moro, the Tarocco and the Sanguinello. The Tarocco Orange is the most flavourfull and sweetest among the three with the highest vitamin C content of any orange variety grown in the world.

Anyhow, back to Crabtree & Evelyn's new Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage collection ... I love the way this new ranged is presented - the mailer I received conjours up images of ol' Parisian Italian countryside .. not sure why not the English countryside but I think it's the combination of warm toned painted over peeling wood with the blood orange and herbs on its cover ... or maybe it's just me. 

There are six products available in Malaysia for this new collection.

  1. Skin Invigorating Bath & Shower Gel {250ml} - nrp RM65
  2. Deep Cleansing Body Scrub {175g} - nrp RM95
  3. Skin Refreshing Body Lotion {250ml} - nrp RM75
  4. Skin Silkening Body Souffle {250g} - nrp RM130
  5. Refreshing Body Mist {100ml} - nrp RM65
  6. Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy {100g} - nrp RM78
There are currently quite a few promotions running; you can purchase a full size body lotion, bath & shower gel and body mist for RM155 {nrp RM205} or top-up RM50 to add the hand therapy {nrp RM283}.

If you're a VIP member, you can also purchase the lighweight souffle for RM100 {nrp RM130}, which is "easily absorbed by the skin and features moisturizing bitter orange extract, vitamin C-rich Tarocco Orange extract, skin-freshening Eucalyptus and Sage extracts, toning Juniper Berry and Angelica extracts and a sugar-derived deodoriser for skin that is silky soft and refreshingly scented."

AND {yes, there's more} ... if you're planning to go all out and crazy with this collection, with purchase of RM250 nett and above, you'll receive a limited edited canvas pouch and 3 assorted miniatures OR purchase RM350 nett and above and receive an additional limited edition canvas tote bag.

{update!} The Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage collection will launch in Malaysia on 1 March 2013. The promotions will run until 31 March 2013 and is limited to two sets per customer and is while stock lasts.

Now, I haven't tried the range out yet because my only connection to Crabtree & Evelyn in Ipoh has moved away to KL, permanently. But since I'm a sucker for anything with mint or oranges and herbs in it, I'll probably have to ask dearest husband to pay Crabtree & Evelyn in KLCC Suria a visit next week for my free Tarocco Orange with Eucalyptus & Sage packette sample.