January 18, 2013

the mythical tiffany blue box®

Come 18 January every year since I got married, I have secretly wished with my fingers and toes crossed that dearest husband might get the hints I've been subtlely dropping the last five years and surprise me with this ...

Alas, I think my hints were too subtle because dearest husband is still utterly and blissfully clueless. Le sigh. Guess I'll have to pay for that little piece of hex #81D8D0 heaven on my own because at the rate dearest husband is going, it's going to be an extremly long wait before he realises what this wife of his would  to be presented with on her birthday ... When I say extremely long, I mean "N.E.V.E.R.". Double le sigh.

But a girl can still dream and if you can show me a girl who doesn't want to own one piece of "100% ori" Tiffany in her lifetime, I'll buy you a bungkus of "nasi lemak special" from the mamak near my house wrapped in that exact Tiffany blue and courier it to you via DHL so it'll still reach you piping hot.

So, what would I like in that little blue box? Nothing extravagant really - just this ...

See! I can be reasonable. Retailing at RM580 in Malaysia {bloody sales tax!}, it is cheaper than what I thought it would be. Of course I am not saying RM580 isn't a lot but I was expecting a four figure price tag. Besides, it's a Tiffany. Repeat after me people, Tiffany. Say it again, Tiffany. Sounds nice, don't it?

I guess a dear friend of mine will be doing a trip to Tiffany's for me when she heads to US middle of this year. It is after all cheaper than what I would have to pay for here {Cough! Bloody BN sales tax! Cough!} I would have -ed the experience of walking into an actual Tiffany store for the purchase but then knowing a little blue box is coming my way soon sure beats waiting for a lifetime and getting an egg ... {which means nothing, btw}.