January 27, 2013

friends cafe ipoh

A couple of months back, FIL attended a dinner sans MIL and came back raving about the venue and its food so we all decided to give the place a try for New Year’s dinner and I fell in love with the ambience and the food.


Good, because I’m about to launch into a full-on rave-about-the-place-and-food mode.

Friends CafĂ© is located in between Ye Olde English and Kopitiam in Ipoh Garden East but oddly, none of my friends nor relatives have heard about it. It’s only 30 days into 2013 but I’ve been in there 3 times for dinner and I will drag anyone who would go with me back there when the opportunity presents itself ... oh wait, we {meaning the family} will be back there again third day of Chinese New Year {skipping for joy! - yes, I  the place this much!}. Besides, how wrong can you go with a place which serves "food with love"?

My MIL's family decided to celebrate their mom's birthday at Friends Cafe last weekend and for the first time in ages, I busted out my trusted Canon Ixus which I remembered to pack it into my diaper bag. You have been warned ... loads of photos ahead.

I think the owner was aiming for a modern and chic look with dark colours against soft lightning. The walls are painted with murals of their iconic tree which sort of reminds me of a feminine version of Aragon's Tree of Life in "The Return of the King" but in black. I forgot to take actual photos of the decor because I was drooling at this when I walked in to this ...

Even on the third visit, the dang dessert bar gets to me every single time. It numbs my brain and hitches on a direct hotline to my stomach instead. It also does not help when I have a soft spot for pastel macaroons and muffins with big overflowing tops {the banana choc-chip ... totally yummier and b.i.g.g.e.r than Kenny Roger's!}.

Then I wandered into a separate private dining area located to the left of the entrance and found this ...

No, not my brother in law {the handsome guy in yellow} but that the staff had set up the place into a huge rectangle so everyone could see everyone. Very nice.

While waiting for everyone to arrive and like all responsible mothers would do ... I took some photos of the kids.

Lil' Ee posing sleepy lil' Kai.
Can you say "Aww!"?

Lil' Ee posing at the lounge area, which I totally forgot to mention {slaps forehead!}. Yes, they have a small lounge area with a sofa and some rather large poufs for when you want to sip on drinks and chat the night away comfortably.

"Ooh! Is that yummy things coming out on those flat thingies mommy calls plates!"

While waiting for food to be served, lil' Kai woke up {an early sign that my boy  to eat} so naturally, more photos with daddy and mommy! When the time came to serve dinner, I have to commend the wait staff for being patient and very accomodating.

Here are some photos of food I remembered to take photos off before my brain switched off {again}.

Soup of the day - me think it was creamy mushroom soup served with a slice of french bread. Ground pepper was added by yours truly.

Dearest husband's lamb with potato wedges which I had the last two times I was here. Hubby agrees with me when I recommended it and said it was delish.

My grilled duck breast served on a mountain of mash and wedges. It will be a tad salty if you eat the meat on its own but the saltiness will taper off if you dip the meat in the sauce provided - delish!

Lil' Ee's Fish n' Chips on top a mountain of cole slaw. I the English batter on the fish!

I didn't take photos of everyone's dinner because I was busy stuffing my face with enjoying dinner. Dearest husband and I were also alternating between carrying lil' Kai who has since woken up to the smell of food and we didn't have the heart to leave him in his little basket because he was too darn cute.

A special treat for grandma - the chef aka the boss made this for my grandma-in-law. I wish I told them it was my birthday when dearest husband took me there for dinner. But there's always next year!

Ending to the perfect dinner - half a dozen macaroons and two muffins which I didn't take photos of. Maybe next time and there will be a next time.

The price on the menu is reasonable for the portion of food they serve and the drinks they offer. Yes, they have alcohol on premise so this is not a halal place. I won't even bother comparing them to Station One or Ye Olde English or even Olivenz because I personally think this place beats 'em hands down. My in-laws agrees too. Friends Cafe may not be as big as latter three, but for the service the wait staff gives and the quality of the food/drinks they serve, I'll come back to the place where they serve food with love anytime.

So, if you're thinking of giving Friends Cafe a try {which you totally should}, here are the contact details. They are only opened from 5pm onwards and closed on Tuesdays. Call ahead if you're not sure!

#28 & #30, Jalan Medan Ipoh 4, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel :  +605-546 3667.