January 28, 2013

beautylabo whip hair colour

The last time I dyed my hair was back in October 2012 so it's been three months since and my scalp has been sporting a two-tone-longkang-look for over a month now. Definitely time for a new colour update. So, during the long holidays last weekend, I tossed handed over lil' Kai to dearest husband and dragged lil' Ee to the nearest Guardian. I came home with this.

The Beautylabo Whip hair colour in Maple Chocolat {nrp RM32.90} which sounded delicious at the time I paid for it but not so much after. Bottom line, do I like this? An itsy bitsy timid nod of a "Yes" but a lot more of an exclamation squeal of "No!". Here's why ...

My hair is naturally curly and in all the wrong places. Add that to the "gave birth five months ago" equation and I have a head of hair where the frizz bomb just blew up on. It's not dry because I condition like crazy but it is coarse. I've tried Liese's Bubble Hair Colour and Schwarzkopf's Fresh Light Foam Color both of which I have a love-hate relationship with so I thought why not give the new kid of foam hair coloring a try. I would so change the words in Aretha Franklin's "Respect" to "Regret".

Let's start with the packaging - the content comes in a pastel pink milkshake shaped cup. It would have been more kawaii if they added a straw, just for the full effect but they didn't and I won't hold it against them but there is something that I do grudgingly hold against them - find out further down the post.

Let's continue ... the whole dang cup wrapper was printed in Korean and since I don't read Korean, this is the one time I wish they printed on some sticker and pasted readable instructions for us Manglish speaking/reading people instead. They did however include instructions which was celophaned to the side and if you're a do-it-at-home hair color veteran like I am, you might be able to understand the anime-like characters printed on the back.

Anyhow, after removing the plastic wraparound cover, I got an almost transparent milkshake shaped cup with more Korean printed on stickers. It's contents were pretty straight forward.


So, I follow the instructions - poured the liquid into the milkshaker and added the maple chocolat colouring then samba-ed around the room flipping the shaker more than 30 times but instead of the peaky foam printed on the Korean filled plastic wrapper, I got this instead!

This is what I grudgingly hold against the makers of the product - in particular their marketing team. Granted that it is in a milkshake cup and it does have a consistency of a thick milkshake but don't print a peaky foam if it ain't gonna be looking like peaky foam, kapish?

Application was not fun either. Although the milkshaker had an opening big enough to fit my hand, unless they provide gloves up to the elbows you will get dye on your arm ... lots of it. My right arm now looks like went to war with an ink pad.

They might as well not include the conditioning treatment either. Unless you have a head the size of a mouse and is bald, don't even bother tearing the packet apart. You'd be better off using a mask that you can slather on luxuriously and generously because you will need to slather it on - generously. I repeat - generously. For the first time in history after dyeing and as usual allowing my hair to air dry, I sported a mane like Mufasa's from The Lion King. It was in the same bloody colour as well and it was NOT in a delicious shade of Maple Chocolat. It was flat, frizzy and dry - not shiny, smooth and glossy.

The only upside to this was the smell - it was pleasantly sweet and not much of the ammonia stink but that's pretty much it - unless you want to be looking like Mufasa then by all means ... get it.