January 15, 2013

planning for a night out with dior, a mango and a pair of nose.

A girl can never have enough of lip glosses in her collection and one that is a perfect red is a must. So, off I marched and in search of my perfect shade of red lip gloss and I found this - the limited edition Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Pearl lip gloss in "Ceremony Red #774" - (nrp RM90). 


Part of Dior's Holiday 2012 Grand Bal Collection launched in October 2012 in US and internationally in November 2012, "Ceremony Red #774" is one half of the the two lip glosses that are offered in the 15 piece line-up. The other half is "Lame Gold #424" which is a gold gloss. I wish I read about the collection earlier but since I only found out about it in January 2013, most of the goodies are already sold out.

Now, back to my new lippie - "Ceremony Red #774". I suppose you can think of the colour as a Christmas red or raspberry red in winter; it's a gold-shimmered medium red with subtle blue undertones. Dior describes the formula as "delivering a sheer wash of catwalk colour", while being hydrating and highly reflective.

Well, I haven't really had the opportunity to really test it out yet since it is a tad too red for me to wear to the office. For work, I am totally -ing the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash in "Extravagant Grenadine #662" but I shall rave about that in another post.

I did however experiment with the "Ceremony Red #774"  at home when the kids went off to visit the Sandman. I absolutely agree with the hydrating part of it but I don't think it's a sheer wash because although it has a semi-opaque colour coverage when you apply it on your lips, it does pack quite a punch when it comes to pigmentation, especially if you layer it on. It was pigmented enough to leave a subtle reddish stain on my lips after I've chomped the gloss off whether eating or drinking which personally I feel is a good thing because then you won't be left looking like a zombie.

Anyhow, this year the company decided to do something different for our annual dinner so I'll have the perfect opportunity to test it out since the theme is "Black & Gold"- sounds like an Alfred Dunhill or Guinness Stout tagline though. Just saying ...

Now, if I were dating Christian Grey, I would be so wearing the Christian Dior's vintage 1955 Couture Robe du Soir Courte dress with a pair of black Louboutin {red sole, of course!} and accessorize with Christian Grey himself but since this is real life and Christian Grey is fictional, I'll be busting out my new little black dress from Mango, pair it with a pair of black pumps from Nose and then raid my MIL's closet for a gold clutch ... 

Can't wait!