December 24, 2012

a dior-ific christmas

In my twenties, Dior has been a brand I avoided because of its couture status. You mention Dior in my circle of friends and you'll either get the "What?" or "Woah!" look. Then in my early thirties while oogling and drooling in Sephora Las Vegas, I purchased my first Dior - the Sérum de Rouge lipstick and it was lipstick at first try - I finished the dang tube in three months. I  the color, the texture, the tres chic packaging and the fact that it did not trigger any reaction on my lips. I have tried many different brands and most if not all has left my lips looking bee stung and sore after a day or two of usage. I also splurged on a bottle of DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup FPS 25 SPF - PA +++ Foundation after coming back from US and I am absolutely -ing it.

So, now in my mid thirties and finally somewhat in control of my finances (meaning after a big fat bonus ... muahaha!) I decided to splurge on another item essential to my every girl's makeup bag - the lipstick. So yesterday I decided to drag dearest hubby and darling son to Dior's counter. 

I was in the market for the perfect nude shade and since I read rave reviews about the new Dior Addict Extrême Lipstick the night before (I never go try anything out without reading reviews. It helps you purchase items wisely and with speed especially when you have a bored husband and four month old baby with you.), and after trying out 2 lipstick shades and 2 lip gloss shades, I got me these ...

The Dior Addict Lip Volumizer with Active Collagen (nrp RM88), Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Sillouhette (nrp RM98) and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash in Extravagant Grenadine or #662 (nrp RM90) and I am now in Dior heaven. I also scored a sample size DiorSkin Nude Compact - Nude Glow Versatile Powder Makeup in Beige Clair 020 Light Beige.

So, what's is what?

The Dior Addict Lip Maximizer with Active Collagen is "a revolutionary lip care system that boosts volume instantly and restructures in the long term, thanks to a unique blend of hyaluronic and marine-based fillers that smooth, moisturize and leave lips irresistibly plump. Apply under regular lipstick or gloss for volume and shine, or morning and night as a 15-day intensive cure. Its fresh mint-vanilla scent makes it even more addictive." - according to the Dior website.

It does have a fresh mint-vanilla scent to it but it isn't as strong as Urban Decay's Lip Junkie which is sweet as well and in my opinion, much more addictive but that is another story. Once applied, you'll first feel a cooling twinge and then the volume boosting stinging sensation begins. It's not tear inducing or anything serious or the sort, it's just a you-know-it's-working sort of feeling. However, I would suggest you try the product out in the counter first if you're not sure if the stinging sensation is something you'll be comfortable with. I got mine in #001 - Dior's website states two shades and since I didn't check, I'm not sure if Malaysia's Dior counters carry both shades.

And finally the hype that brought me to the Dior counter yesterday, the "Dior Addict fashion lipstick goes to the Extrême, with radiant colours, a perfect hold wet-look texture, and audacious, sophisticated Dior styles. At the heart of this new soft, sensual texture lie 4 specialist waxes, acting in a targeted manner to correctly combine these extremes in a single formula. This veritable technical feat achieves perfect hold, comfort, and shine in an astonishingly fine film."

Today is technically the first day I'm trying on the lip maximizer and the lipstick and so far, it's been encouragingly good. I usually have to apply a new coat of lip colour about two hours in because my previous lip colors would have normally faded but I've not had to do it with the Dior Addict Extreme, except after lunch of course so when it comes to color pay-off, it's pretty awesome.  

I've also tried it on without the lip maximizer and I've not had an issue with dry, chapped lips even and it's been two hours after lunch. It also does what it claims when the website says it'll give you the "wet-look texture in comfort and shine in an astonishingly fine film" {nodding vigorously}.

I'll do a review on the lip gloss in another post because I've not had the chance to wear it yet.

OK, price wise it's pretty steep {name me something that isn't in Malaysia these days!} but I personally think it's worth every ringgit and sen for the quality you get in return ... besides it's a Dior ... Dior, people!