December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

Yeap, we survived yet another apocalypse so this Christmas is definately worth celebrating and both my elves kids has a blast ... well, I think the older elf kid did with the amount of presents she got from papa and mama. We Mama went a little nuts this year {totally blame the Mayans!}.

The little elf kid on the other end had a bit of a dry spell compared to his sister because he's still too young to appreciate mama's gift wrapping skills but he did get loads, and I mean loads of hugs and kisses which I think he enjoyed more.

Christmas morning was spent ripping presents apart. Everyone was oblivious to Christmas afternoon because we were all snoring away but then Christmas night was spent filling the tummy with food at Moven Peak's steamboat buffet.

So I guess, that's it for this post and here's my two little elves kids wishing you a Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2012

a dior-ific christmas

In my twenties, Dior has been a brand I avoided because of its couture status. You mention Dior in my circle of friends and you'll either get the "What?" or "Woah!" look. Then in my early thirties while oogling and drooling in Sephora Las Vegas, I purchased my first Dior - the Sérum de Rouge lipstick and it was lipstick at first try - I finished the dang tube in three months. I  the color, the texture, the tres chic packaging and the fact that it did not trigger any reaction on my lips. I have tried many different brands and most if not all has left my lips looking bee stung and sore after a day or two of usage. I also splurged on a bottle of DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup FPS 25 SPF - PA +++ Foundation after coming back from US and I am absolutely -ing it.

So, now in my mid thirties and finally somewhat in control of my finances (meaning after a big fat bonus ... muahaha!) I decided to splurge on another item essential to my every girl's makeup bag - the lipstick. So yesterday I decided to drag dearest hubby and darling son to Dior's counter. 

I was in the market for the perfect nude shade and since I read rave reviews about the new Dior Addict Extrême Lipstick the night before (I never go try anything out without reading reviews. It helps you purchase items wisely and with speed especially when you have a bored husband and four month old baby with you.), and after trying out 2 lipstick shades and 2 lip gloss shades, I got me these ...

December 18, 2012

the new box in town

{Update! 19 December} thelilacbox is RM 35 per box and yes, I'll definitely be subscribing. Oh yeah, if you blog about them, you get a box free. Just remember to let them know!


For those of you who don't know what a beauty box is, it's basically a goodies box choke full of premium beauty items that is delivered to you on a monthly basis. Some of the products included can be full size, travel size or sample size, although it will usually be a mixture of all three.

So, why am I rambling about beauty boxes?

Well, there's a new beauty box in town and it's in one of my favorite color too! thelilacbox will be launching early 2013 and boasts premium brands such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Chloé and Calvin Klein to name a few. I stumbled on them yesterday when I was catching up on posts on Facebook.
So, what does this new box in town has to offer. Honestly, I'm not quite sure yet because they'll only be launching next year but head over to their website at to register your interest and you get to choose one of the three freebies below:

a) A complimentary Burberry Beauty Makeover at Isetan KLCC {or}
b) Chloé travel size fragrance at Parkson Pavillion {or}
c) Calvin Klein Euphoria fragrance.

You can also jump onto Facebook and "Like" their page or just find out more about them there. But I suppose they've also summarized themselves in a nutshell for you:

a) The Lilac Box is a beauty box. Every month they'll introduce specially curated premium beauty and cosmetic products and send them to you in a box. Awesome right? It'll be like Christmas every month!
b) They're also VAIN - obsessed with looking good and making you look good. Vanity is good, right? It is after all a beauty box!
c) They's quite PICKY too and are selective in their choice of partners, brands, as well as subscribers. Picky is even better. Although, I'm not quite sure if they should be picky about subscribers ... Hmm.

They've so far featured some interesting products on their Facebook page. Not sure if they'll turn up in their box but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

No price has been announced yet, I think.  Either that or I'm too excited and high on Christmas to notice but I'm sure they haven't.

So, will I be signing up for a box when they launch? Most likely. Absolutely! I  receiving premium beauty surprises in a box. It's like Christmas on a four week cycle instead of a twelve month cycle. Find me a girl who doesn't and I'll be your monkey's uncle {have to stop reading and memorizing EL James' damn Fifty Shades quotes!}

Stay tuned for more updates!

December 17, 2012

projects piled up on my plate

I have been misbehaving blog wise and gone MIA for quite a while – I totally blame Christian GreyDamon Salvatore, the Big Bad WolfMango and the spirit of Christmas ... Confused? Me too but in a nutshell, the MIA is totally my fault. Well, that and I’ve got quite a few projects piled up high on my lil' plastic plate so I’m totally juggling and time hasn’t been on my side much. But then, when has it ever?

So, what’s been happening in my life the last few weeks or so?

Let’s see ...

December 15, 2012

urban decay naked 2 palette

Christmas came early for me this year because I decided to splurge on these two products that I've been itching to get for about half a year now. Introducing {with absolutely glee!} the Urban Decay Naked 2 and the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. I'll review the brush in a later post. Right now I just want to gush about the palette.