November 2, 2012

fifty shades of "woah" ...

I caved while browsing at the Popular Bookstore in Kinta City and bought a copy of EL James' much raved about "Fifty Shades of Grey" {RM31.90}. True, it's been stamped as "Mommy Porn" by some news agencies but I personally think it's much better categorized as "A Mind Vacation for the Working Moms".

My thoughts on "Fifty Shades of Grey" ...

Although both characters are fictitious, compared to the vampire Edward Cullen, billionaire "control freak" Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is just more believable and relatable in real life. The book in some ways give ordinary woman hope that perhaps, just perhaps such a man does exist and he can be just about anywhere. Besides, who would've thought EL James set her book in Seattle and Georgia when most authors would write it up in a glitzier neighborhood like the Upper East Side of New York paired with Chicago, maybe?

Reading EL James' debut is surprisingly pleasant. I stay up late into the nightS flipping through the pages and when my eyes can open no more, I bookmark it and look forward to reading it again which would be little stolen moments while at work. It is that addictive; partly for the sexy scenes {rolls eyes – as dangerous as it is to – read the book and you’ll get it} but mostly it's because I'm trying to understand Christian Grey more just as much as Anastasia is.

Although EL James’ writing isn’t as fluent or flowery as that of many other famous authors, granted this is her first book, I find myself smilling at some chapters and laughing at others with some extremely witty humour injected in by the author but most of all I am caught in the moment when Anastasia pushes Christian to his limit with her curiosity about him and cannot wait to turn the page to read his response.

Although Christian is a control freak, the way he sometimes contradicts himself when it comes to his “rules” gives us gals hope that perhaps men are creatures able to compromise; welll, perhaps not - but it doesn’t hurt to dream and Christian Grey IS dreamy and unfortunately I have to admit {sorry Edward fans} is dreamier than Edward Cullen.

Their email exchanges are pretty funny too {remember to read the Subject: line and Christian’s signature at the bottom of the email!} and some of their responses are epically funny. Oh, Anastasia’s a little bit “schizophrenic” but in a lovingly relatable sort of way too with her crazy subconscious that does pirouettes and just-as-nut-job inner goddess that pole vaults over 15’to16’ poles, stands at a podium to wait for a gold medal then backflips off it and start doing cartwheels around the stadium before hiding under a blanket behind the sofa. It’s odd {and a tad crazy} but seriously, don’t we all have our subconscious and inner-goddesses, too? Perhaps not as athletic as Anastasia's but close. She is also a tad insecure about her relationship with Christian but I suggest you read, think back when you first fell in love and you will understand why. See! So relatable, right?!

With Hollywood slated to start another saga of epic proportions equal to the Harry Potter and Twilight franchise, there have been polls upon polls on who should play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.
Who do I think is perfect for the role of Christian and Anastasia in the upcoming movie {which I know will never make it to Malaysia because if it does, it'll probably be so butchered by our "saintly" censorship board, all you will ever get to see is the interview between Christian and Anastasia, perhaps a little bit of the Seattle skyline and a glimpse of Charlie Tango and be kicked out of the cinema in 15 minutes tops!}?

Christian Grey's character is written as a tall, extremely beautiful with defined features and well-built 27 year old billionaire with copper hair and smoldering grey eyes that pierces. Anastasia describes him as "... beyond beautiful, richer than Croesus and has a Red Room of Pain ...". He hides his emotions extremely well and is always in control, except with Anastasia. Personally, I think Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for the role but then I'm not Hollywood - I thought Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl would have been a better suit for the role of Edward Cullen - see what I mean?!

Would I recommend this read. ABSOLUTELY! Get it but be warned, it's a highly contagious read and you'll want to get "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed" even before you finish this book.