October 20, 2012

schwarzkopf fresh light foam color

I last dyed my hair some time towards the end of May. My hair was two toned due to me growing out my previous dye colour, it was horribly dry which in turn caused split ends, my hair felt like barb wire and there was absolutely no shine at all. After bearing with my two-toned cactus hair for the duration of my first trimester and an extra two months, I caved in and dyed my hair. I did it at home using Kao's Liese Bubble Hair Color in the colour "Natural Black" because I figured by the time I went into labor, the dye colour would be dark enough and wash off to match my natural hair colour so I would not look like the two-toned cactus while posing with my little man. I'm vain, I know. But I was spot on about matching my natural hair colour! However, I did not anticipate my hair looking so black that I literally looked like a zombie!

Pregnancy this time around did not give me that pregnancy glow everyone raves about. Instead, I was pale and after dyeing my hair I looked like Morticia Addams in the morning sans makeup; scary enough to give dear Gomez a trip to the mortuary every morning he woke up. Since I could not stand the scent of my foundation or lip gloss due to my lovely pregnancy hormones, I had to trudge to work looking like a zombie with jet black shiny hair for over a month. It was terrible, terrible times.

Now, after almost two months of tying my hair up in a bun during my maternity leave I decided it's time I dyed my hair ... again. Lesson learnt and while shopping for a new hair colour at Watsons, I came across this - Schwarzkopf's Fresh Light Foam Color. I already had a box of Liese Bubble Hair Color in hand but the kawaii Blythe doll on the packaging piqued my interest instead so I went home with a box of kawaii-ness in Caramel Brown.

My hair is now in a weird shade of charcoal brown. I've shed my Morticia Addams look about three months ago but my hair colour is still dark enough to still make me look pale without any makeup on which I why I chose a warm brown shade to give my complexion back some colour.

Application is much simpler compared to the conventional cream DIY hair-dye kits which may result in uneven hair colouring especially around the back of your head. All you need to do here is just add the "Colour" (the black bottle) into the "Developing Agent" (the white bottle), replace the white bottle's cap with the pump and then give it a gentle side to side mixing shake.  Section your hair into four equal sections, pump and apply. The foaming action of here ensures you get even coverage ... it's pretty much like shampooing your hair. Wait for 30 minutes, rinse then apply the "After Colour Treatment" (the white packet), wait for another 30 minutes, rinse and you're done! You can opt to give your hair a little pampering with a treatment mask after the "After Color Treatment". 

Verdict ...

I've read some reviews saying that they didn't have enough colour for medium length hair. Odd though because I had more than enough to saturate my entire head with foam and had problems finishing the bottle instead; my hair is about 3" pass my shoulders and hairdressers have complained that I have too much hair and they'll charge me extra every time I go in for hair relaxing or straightening. My own hairdresser complains I have too much hair whenever she dyes my hair to the point her hand cramps up. So, no need to worry about content. Colour wise; it's acceptable. The colour is evenly spread out and I don't have patches of colour here or there. My hair has evolved from charcoal brown to a respectable caramel brown as stated on the box which in turn has brought out some colour on my face. I no more look like a walking dead {woohoo!}. On to the smell ... I do prefer Liese Bubble Hair Color's scent which is fruity compared to this which is more chemical like. Shine and manageability wise, Liese wins hands down too. Although I love the colour, I'm not liking the lack of shine on my hair. It's also not particularly unmanageable but it isn't very smooth either so I can't give it a thumbs up there. 

I would definitely not repurchase, no matter how adorable those Blythe dolls are. Sorry Schwarzkopf. I truly really wanted to like you, but I just couldn't.