October 13, 2012

OPI minis - vintage minnie and the amazing spider-man

Lookie what I got in the mail today?! It's the "Vintage Minnie" minis and "The Amazing Spider-man" minis from OPI purchased from Sharon at The Nail Polish Spree.

The minis are each 35ml and is perfect for those who want to try out OPI in various colours but don't want to pay the full RM59 for a single bottle. I got the "Vintage Minnie" because I wanted to try out the pink/reds and "The Amazing Spider-man" set because I was intrigued with the green/blue hues it offered. 

The "Vintage Minnie" set comes with a shade of red in {The Color of Minnie} which I think is perfect for the fair-skinned with a yellowish undertone, like me. I've been looking for the perfect shade of red for me and I finally found it; in Minnie Mouse! Then there's a shade of magenta mixed with a tinge of red in {I'm All Ears} and a rather bright shade of pink in {If You Moust You Moust}. The first two shades have a slight glittery effect to them but the pink shade doesn't and has an almost solid shade to it which didn't suit me well, so I have it to my MIL who 's it. The last bottle is OPI's Rapid Dry Top Coat which seals in your color for shiny looking nails.

As for "The Amazing Spiderman", it comes with 4 colors. 

{Just Spotted The Lizard!} is yellowish golden or green hued depending on which angle you see it in and is by far my favorite color in the set. It's got a slight metallic effect to it when it dries. {Into The Night} has a slight purple hue to the blue but it has the makings of a very chic shade of blue perfect for the office during dress-down Saturdays when I'm usually in jeans. I've yet to try {Number One Nemesis} which has a glittery gunmetal tone to it and {Your Web or Mine?} which is a slightly muted glittery pink compared to {I'm All Ears} in the "Vintage Minnie" collection.

I'm still in the midst of growing and shaping my nails back into looking respectable again after almost a year of abandoning them so I'll spare you the gory photos of my hack-job-manicure. But if you're really curious how the shades would look like on your hands, you can head on over to OPI and try it on virtually.

I'm not sure if you can still get these limited edition mini sets from OPI and the full sized bottles seems to be sold out online at the Color Culture. I got mine ready stock from Sharon at The Nail Polish Spree for RM40 per collection {a steal because they retail at RM78 per collection at OPI}. She has other sets available but if you're interested in other minis or colours, she has these "sprees" to purchase them. You'll have to wait but for a fraction of the price you have to pay here in Malaysia, I think it's worth it. Sharon is amazing and super fast in replying your emails too; I received my order within 24 hours of payment received. Bonus!