October 25, 2012

lil' kai at 1 month 3 weeks and 1 day

They grow so fast! 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day ago, lil' kai aka the cuddle bug came home all tiny and fragile. Fast forward, he doesn't fit his newborn sized clothes anymore, drinks like a horse and kicks like a donkey ... if only he still slept like a pig.

Progress updates since my last post on him three weeks ago ... lil' Kai's eyelashes has emerged. They aren't as long and luscious as his big sister's but nevertheless they are just as long, like his daddy's. {good boy!}.

He hasn't quite learn to smile yet. He's a very serious boy and on the occasion that he does break out into a grin, it'll be one of those precious moments to savour. 

Lil' Kai has also learned to call out, particularly to his mama when he wants something - I am now known as "Nyek!" and not mama. He also loves to baby talk; he's most "talkative" during the afternoons. He is absolutely fascinated by our Ikea lamp's plug and wire located on the top of his changing table. He's nicknamed the duo "Ooo Gah". He'll stare at the black plug going "Ooh Gah" whenever I lay him down to change his diapers. 

He poops on alternate days and when he does It. Is. Explosive! It's quite easy to tell when he's going into poop mode which will give me or my MIL enough time to grab some kitchen towels and pad whatever is underneath his his too-shie in anticipation of an explosion - he'll suddenly stop fidgeting, stretch his legs forward and you'll hear rhythmic baby grunts for about a minute or two ... then he'll fall asleep {?!!}. By then, everyone in the room will start gagging and chocking, except hubby. He thinks the cuddle bug's poop smells like blue cheese *rolls eyes* so he usually gets the lovely task of changing the diaper and washing the poop machine when he's home during the weekend {muahaha!}.

Lil' Kai sleeping patterns are quite predictable nowadays ... much more predictable than his feeding patterns which has been totally upside down the last two days. Since he's in the 6 to 8 weeks age bracket, he's probably going through a growth spurt. Oh well, better a well fed happy and healthy baby than one otherwise. 

He will be wide awake by 11am on most days. Noon on others. Yup, he's a late riser this one. From the moment he wakes up, he'll feed three to four ounces of milk every two hours. He'll not sleep more than fifteen minutes in an hour and sometimes he'll not sleep at all until 6pm which is when his eyelids will start to droop. Even then, he'll fight the droopy eyelids and insist on mama playing and dancing {I sit him facing me on my lap, hold him under his armpits and sway him to music} with him until about 11pm. Then, he'll drink his last feed of the day, burp and sleep ... until 3am, 6am and 9am when he'll wake up for milk before going back to sleep. Then it's up at 11am {or noon} for another daily cycle.

Not a healthy schedule for mama because I'm due back in the office in a week but oh well, whatever makes my little cuddle bug happy ... for now.