October 9, 2012

lil' kai at one month

Lil' Kai is now 1 month and 1 week plus 2 days old today. He's growing beautifully and at his last doctor's appointment, he weighed in at 4.13kg; a 1.13kg increase since birth. He's also increased his milk intake from 2 ounces to 3.5 ounces in the last week, feeding every two to three hours.

His baby acne and milk rash on his cheeks and forehead have also cleared up thanks to Dr. Lee's {his pediatrician} prescription of "Elomet Cream" which cleared up his baby acne in 48 hours ... I kid you not!. I applied it only during the night before he slept and now since it's cleared, I've stopped using it as it does contain doses of steroids and switched to Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizing Cream which was also prescribed by Dr. Lee.

However, the last 39 days have been extremely tough on me physically with literally non-stop feeds, diaper changes and loads of swaying hoping to lull baby to sleep, then it's off to washing the bottles and pumping. All this every one to two hours starting right after dinner until after lunch the next day when my MIL will take over for a few hours until dinner time.

I am definitely not looking forward to going back to work on this schedule. Hopefully, he'll start sleeping longer hours and let this exhausted mama of his get a tad bit more sleep in the next 3 weeks to come. Surviving on two to three hours of sleep a day is no fun when you need to work full time.