September 28, 2012

more mango online

The lure of the Mango was much more difficult to resist than I thought and my bank account had to unfortunately suffer for it tonight as I spent another RM 367 on updating my wardrobe before going back to work. But I'm happy with my purchase and can't wait for it to arrive. Just hope I don't get a "Sorry. No stock." email ...

Mango Striped Straight-Cut Skirt {RM 99}
Reference: 71308359 - CATALIN7

Mango Printed Straight-Cut Dress {RM 159}
Reference: 71439805 - AGUA

Mango Cotton Essential Cardigan in Black {RM 69}
Reference: 73212254 - ARO7

Yes, I noticed that my wardrobe is essentially navy blue or black and mostly in straight-cuts. These are currently the colors and cut I'm most comfortable in until I loose more weight. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight but not quite yet my goal weight. Maybe a few more months?