September 24, 2012

mango online

I'm down to day 26 of my maternity leave which means I'll be back in the office in 34 days and with the way time just zoom past these days, it's not a lot of days left to mark off my need to do check-list. I will definitely miss both my kids but I also look forward to going back to the office because it would give me back some form of normalcy after 37.5 weeks of pregnancy and 8 weeks of diaper changes and feeding the baby, non-stop. 

Don't get me wrong, I ♥ both my kids to death but I would ♥ to have a little me time back to myself ... too much to ask?

Numero uno on my check-list ... revamp my entire wardrobe. After 37.5 weeks of pregnancy, my wardrobe was sorely neglected. However, this is something I'm not looking forward to because I hate shopping for clothes in Malaysia. Apparently, boutiques and departmental stores here seem to think all Malaysian chics are stick thin and yours truly is no where near a stick figure; I'm about 60 miles off. 

So imagine my relieve when I found EU XL sizes in Mango and they were online too! But to be on the safe side, I decided to visit my local Mango retail first at Kinta City to get a feel for their size and cutting. I tried these two on for size and ended up purchasing them. Very happy *grin!*.

Mango Straight Cut Printed Dress {RM 159}
Reference: 71439375 - ARTE

Mango Satin Finish Blouse in Navy {RM99}
Reference: 73234250 - SATI7

There were other designs I saw online but were not offered in my local Mango retail store so since I can pretty much gauge their cutting now, I can very happily click away on the "Add To Bag" button. Goodie!