September 26, 2012

lé ... what?

You'd see these watering desserts and think they'd be super difficult to do, right? Wrong. Well, sort of not difficult if you're a bake-cheat like me who Betty Crockers most of the time. To add to my personal cheat repertoire, I bought these two from KwerkeeLékué's Mini Brownie Mould and Mini Cake Portion set for RM129 plus RM20 for postage.

Delivery will take a while, approximately middle of October because they'll need about 10 working days after the sale ends. I'm happy to wait since I won't have much time to bake now with lil' Kai still an adorable little helpless bundle but I think I'll be able to put it to good use during Chinese New Year with a little help from Betty Crocker {again} to wow the family when they're back.

So, what exactly did I purchase for RM149? Here's the breakdown.
Mini Brownie Mould Features
Pleasure in small bites ready to eat. Easily make 24 brownie portions that you can personalize as you prefer. Ideal as a surprise for dessert, coffee, or tea time. 
Made of 100% platinum silicon. Non-stick. Flexible. Easy to use and de-mould.
Mini Brownie Mould 
Dimensions: 20 x 186 x 290 mm
Capacity: 24.5 ml x4  
Mini Cake Portion Features
Just the right amount of your favourite cake! Cake Portion is divided into 8 useful individual portions that can be personalised using different ingredients. Several cakes of different flavours can be made at the same time.  
100% platinum silicon. Non-stick. Flexible. Easy to use and de-mould. 
Dimensions: 45 x 265 mm 
Capacity: 160 ml x 8

For more quirky yet useful tools for the entire house, hop on to Kwerkee!