September 3, 2012

lil' kai's birth story

My mum resides in US and since she can't make it home until spring next year, I moved in with my in-laws so they can help me with the my toddler and when baby arrives. Hubby came home from KL on Thursday, 30 August after work. When he saw how low my bulge got in a week, he commented that baby was going to come that weekend but I just smiled {and thought "Yeah, rite!"} and brushed the thought off. We made the move Friday morning on 31 August. There was the usual packing and unpacking associated with moving and that knocked me out completely by 8pm but no imminent signs of labor ahead.

The next morning, I woke up feeling like I got run over by a freight train. I blamed it on the move the day before and got ready for work dreading the next four hours in the office. I was glad hubby was driving me to work that morning because I did not trust myself behind the wheel feeling the way I did. My muscles ached in places I didn't know could ache and baby felt like he dropped a couple miles further down south. Walking felt exhausting and my Braxton Hicks contractions seemed to have picked up a notch compared to the day before. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable.

By noon, I was glad I could go home. Hubby and I grabbed a quick lunch and he dropped me off at 2pm while he went to check on his car at the mechanics (his engine suffered a cardiac arrest on his way home). I managed to sneak in a few hours of sleep until 5pm when Poslaju woke me up with my Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler rocker delivery.

I was feeling better compared to the morning although my Braxton Hicks continued every few minutes of so from the moment I woke up. It didn't feel any different but I decided to time them anyway since hubby was  very sure baby was going to come earlier than my EDD which was slated to be on 19 September. He's also been asking me "Is the baby coming yet?" every time I spaced out (I usually do that when my Braxton Hicks hits) which got me paranoid and on to the bandwagon that hubby might be right and baby may come early.

The whole family went out for dinner that evening. I was fine until around 6.30pm when my Braxton Hicks got quite painful and they were between 6 to 13 minutes apart. Hubby decided to whisk me back to the house to shower and finish packing our hospital bag by 6.45pm because I could not sit through a contraction by then. We drove to the hospital at 8pm and by the time I got admitted and checked by the nurse at 8.30pm, I was 5cm dilated; 100% effaced and baby's head was at -2. By then I had to admit, hubby was right about baby arriving early and he totally rubbed it in my face the whole night. In my defense, I didn't have a bloody show, I didn't loose my mucus plug and my water didn't break ... again. Lil' Kai's EDD was still 18 days away! Besides, lil' Ee didn't make her entrance until 38 weeks so I didn't expect lil' Kai to until 38 weeks or later.

George was called in and arrived at 9.30pm. He broke my water bag at 9.45pm and although the contractions after were still bearable and I still did not have the urge to push after ten minutes. They decided to wheel me into the delivery room anyway to wait it out and they did not have to wait long because by 10pm, I wanted to push bad. 

After four very exhausting pushes without any "happy gas" and a very small {according to George} episiotomy, lil' Kai finally popped out screaming at 10.13pm.

Born 37.5 week, he still weighed 3kg on the dot so I was glad he came out when he did because I could not phatom trying to push out a 4kg baby if I carried him till full term!

It's now three days postpartum. Although I'm exhausted from having to wake up half a dozen time to feed, change diapers and pump in the night, physically I feel it wasn't as tough on me as it was when I gave birth to lil' Ee.  Even my MIL commented I wasn't as zombified as I was previously. My episiotomy doesn't hurt as much this time and I can walk waddle around without grimacing in pain. Perhaps I was much more prepared this time around or perhaps it was from not taking any pain medication {including the "happy gas"!} but all in all, I'm just glad labor was only 4 hours and 45 minutes {again}, that lil' Kai is healthy and lil' Ee absolutely adores him.