September 30, 2012

doing the macarena

Today is an exciting day for the family as we got ready to go to lil' Ee's first concert ever! When I was pregnant with lil' Ee, I told dearest husband that I'm going to be one of those mamas who will always be at her kid's every concert and sports day and all the important events in their lives. Confinement was definitely not going to stop me especially since lil' Ee was chosen to represent her class of 1.5 to 3 year old in introducing their performance. She's been practicing very hard too the last few months.

The microphone wasn't cooperating on the day and although her speech got chopped off bits and pieces, I was super proud of my little girl. Oh, how she has grown!

"Good evening to every present at this concert. My name is Adrianna Chin. I am three years old. My friends and I are going to entertain you with a very special performance. So sit back and enjoy yourself. Thank you!"

And then it was on to the show ... the Macarena.

I think lil' Ee enjoyed herself thoroughly. As for my lil' Kai, we brought him along dressed in his Sunday best and like a gem he slept through the whole concert.

If only he could sleep through the night ...