September 30, 2012

doing the macarena

Today is an exciting day for the family as we got ready to go to lil' Ee's first concert ever! When I was pregnant with lil' Ee, I told dearest husband that I'm going to be one of those mamas who will always be at her kid's every concert and sports day and all the important events in their lives. Confinement was definitely not going to stop me especially since lil' Ee was chosen to represent her class of 1.5 to 3 year old in introducing their performance. She's been practicing very hard too the last few months.

The microphone wasn't cooperating on the day and although her speech got chopped off bits and pieces, I was super proud of my little girl. Oh, how she has grown!

"Good evening to every present at this concert. My name is Adrianna Chin. I am three years old. My friends and I are going to entertain you with a very special performance. So sit back and enjoy yourself. Thank you!"

And then it was on to the show ... the Macarena.

I think lil' Ee enjoyed herself thoroughly. As for my lil' Kai, we brought him along dressed in his Sunday best and like a gem he slept through the whole concert.

If only he could sleep through the night ...

September 28, 2012

more mango online

The lure of the Mango was much more difficult to resist than I thought and my bank account had to unfortunately suffer for it tonight as I spent another RM 367 on updating my wardrobe before going back to work. But I'm happy with my purchase and can't wait for it to arrive. Just hope I don't get a "Sorry. No stock." email ...

September 27, 2012

fabulous finds indeed!

Update 12 October 2012 } It's sad when you wake up in the morning, load Facebook and read that someone is sick and has to give up their passion. That's what's going on with Hui Ling, founder of Fabulous Finds  The September box was the last and although I was looking forward to receiving my first box in October, I wish her well and hope whatever it is she is battling that she'll stay strong and get well soon.

♥ ♥ ♥

When I was stalking Michelle Phan's website middle of last year, she had just launched Glam Bag {now known as Ipsy}. The Glam Bag lives up to its name, it's essentially a bag filled with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products from all your favorite brands {and some unknown but just as great} for USD $10 a month - delivered to your doorstep. Sort of like a surprise to yourself every month. 

Thanks to The Missus Blog, I found out that Malaysia has its own Glam Bag in the likes of Fabulous Finds. It pretty much works the same way.

Fabulous Finds is a beauty box subscription service. For only RM35 per month, they send out 5 or more deluxe beauty samples from high end and niche brands to subscribers throughout Malaysia. These beauty miniatures are lovingly packed in a luxurious box and couriered to addresses all over Malaysia. 
Click here to
The mechanics of it is pretty simple. All you need to do it register and subscribe then every month you'll received your Fabulous Finds box with 5 or more items, some full size! After, all you need to do is indulge and enjoy your products and perhaps show off a little to your friends to tempt them into subscribing. 

Oh, did I mention you can also earn points by recommending friends; earning you a free Fabulous Finds box! Awesome, right? Bet your bottom dollar I've signed up. Will update when my first box arrives next month!

September 26, 2012

lé ... what?

You'd see these watering desserts and think they'd be super difficult to do, right? Wrong. Well, sort of not difficult if you're a bake-cheat like me who Betty Crockers most of the time. To add to my personal cheat repertoire, I bought these two from KwerkeeLékué's Mini Brownie Mould and Mini Cake Portion set for RM129 plus RM20 for postage.

Delivery will take a while, approximately middle of October because they'll need about 10 working days after the sale ends. I'm happy to wait since I won't have much time to bake now with lil' Kai still an adorable little helpless bundle but I think I'll be able to put it to good use during Chinese New Year with a little help from Betty Crocker {again} to wow the family when they're back.

So, what exactly did I purchase for RM149? Here's the breakdown.

September 24, 2012

mango online

I'm down to day 26 of my maternity leave which means I'll be back in the office in 34 days and with the way time just zoom past these days, it's not a lot of days left to mark off my need to do check-list. I will definitely miss both my kids but I also look forward to going back to the office because it would give me back some form of normalcy after 37.5 weeks of pregnancy and 8 weeks of diaper changes and feeding the baby, non-stop. 

Don't get me wrong, I ♥ both my kids to death but I would ♥ to have a little me time back to myself ... too much to ask?

Numero uno on my check-list ... revamp my entire wardrobe. After 37.5 weeks of pregnancy, my wardrobe was sorely neglected. However, this is something I'm not looking forward to because I hate shopping for clothes in Malaysia. Apparently, boutiques and departmental stores here seem to think all Malaysian chics are stick thin and yours truly is no where near a stick figure; I'm about 60 miles off. 

So imagine my relieve when I found EU XL sizes in Mango and they were online too! But to be on the safe side, I decided to visit my local Mango retail first at Kinta City to get a feel for their size and cutting. I tried these two on for size and ended up purchasing them. Very happy *grin!*.

September 21, 2012

♥-ing the diaper bag ... more!

Back in May, I posted about my favorite diaper bag but could not bring myself to spend so much on a bag. Yesterday, a huge box came via courier and inside was a gift from my high school classmate ... guess what's inside? Yup, the Skip*Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag in Uptown Stripes! Totally -ing it and can't wait to use it ... {squeals in delight!}.

Sigh ... my son is so blessed. Thanks May for the lovely gift!

September 20, 2012

iOS 6!

Woke up Got woken up this morning, decided to log on to Facebook and saw a friend of mine updating about upgrading to iOS 6.0 ... of course I have to clog up the bandwidth in the house by downloading 887.6 MB of Apple's brand spranking new iOS *insert evil laughter here*.

September 19, 2012

♥-ing minerals


After about a year of stalking the LovingMinerals website, I finally took the plunge and bought myself their Loving Sample Kit at RM30, Brow Defining Kit at RM50 and a Baby Kabuki at RM25. Delivery above RM100 was free and it only took one day via Poslaju. Super efficient service!

September 18, 2012

lil' kai's almost a month old!

Lil' Kai's is a little over two weeks old today and this weekend my little man will be having his first party - his thanksgiving and dedication; sort of a Chinese version of a full-month celebration but more westernized. 

The last week has been spent slaving in front of my PC designing these ... lil' kai's invitation and birth announcement {and some online shopping therapy *grin!*}. No fancy smancy tools were used just in case you're wondering - just daddy's Canon EOS 7D, Microsoft Word and printed on mama's Canon Pixma iP4500 printer {Yes. We Chins' are die-hard Canon fans}. The cutting part was not my favorite because I had close to a hundred to slice and dice but oh well, a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do.

So now, the invites have been sent out and the caterer book {we're having a buffet at the in-laws} so all that's left is to wait and see if anyone shows up.

September 16, 2012

sweet deliciousness

When a brand put any product next to a cupcake particularly perfume, I'll be sucker numero uno to want to buy it. I've never been a fan of DKNY's Delicious range of perfumes until I saw this ...

September 15, 2012

things they don't tell you about motherhood

I'm not a first time mama but as I've discovered in the last week, there are plenty of facts during motherhood that books and other mamas don't tell you probably for fear of extinction because women might not want to give birth if they knew or because the mamas have wiped them out of their memory due to their traumatizing nature.

September 14, 2012

baby photography is tough!

... 'tis true! Baby photography is tough. I decided to venture into DIY baby photography for lil' Kai's birth announcement and after maneuvering both my kids with yoga-like moves and 140 shots 30 minutes later on hubby's Canon EOS 7D attached with a 50mm 1.8 lens, I only had two decent shots. Two! 

I suck.

Oh well, I'm going with the first photo because my kids just looked stoned in the second one - especially my son *rolls eyes*. I now know why professionals charge an arm and a leg for kids photography. 

Sheesh. Two?!!

September 11, 2012

breastfeeding ten days post-partum

Breastfeeding has not gone as planned for me with lil' Kai; the little fella won't latch on properly and when he does actually latch on, he falls asleep and I mean asleep. Nothing I do can wake the little fella to feed so I had to resort to pumping. Even that didn't go as planned because nothing came out. Nothing! Desperate that he might starve, I had to supplement with formula the first three days *boo hoo!*

Milk finally came in 3 days postpartum and I decided to chuck the pump and hand express instead because the dang thing squeaks every time I press the handle waking hubby and baby up. I could only get at most one measley ounce after half an hour and was as dry as a well in the middle of the Arizona desert. Needless to say I was surviving on adrenalin alone the first week after lil' Kai was born because all I could think about was expressing milk, milk and more milk for him every 2-3 hours ... even woke up at insane hours in the wee hours of the morning to be a cow. The joys of motherhood ... again.

I'm now ten days postpartum and although my supply has slightly increased to 2 - 2.5 ounces per 30 minutes session, I'm hoping it'll be more when my Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid Tea arrives tomorrow. 

Wish me luck!

September 8, 2012

OXO tot ... worth the spend?

My mom will be making a trip back from USA March next year and like all {or most} moms, she'll ask me what I want and she'll actually go get it. Well, that or I'll order it online here and have it sent to her and she'll cart them back ... postage free. So, with lil' Kai asleep most of the time (joy!!) I have been able to stalk a few brands since they are so freakishly expensive here {seriously?!} ... for instance; OXO tot for babies and toddlers. Here's a little bit about them.
OXO Tot is a new sub-brand from American Housewares Giant OXO, launched in October 2010 introducing a range of baby feeding, cleaning and bathing products; all designed to minimise the frustration of parents and toddlers as they transition from babies to big kids.
OXO Tot is a natural progression of the OXO brand which began in 1990 with a dozen kitchen tools and has since branched out to every room of the home and beyond. OXO is based on the concept of Universal Design, the philosophy of creating products that are easy to use for the widest possible spectrum of users.
One of the firm beliefs of the company is that products should be developed by people who use them. After all, if you don’t use a product, how can you understand what the true user needs are? When it comes to children, OXO recently gained quite a bit of experience. In the past five years, 25 babies have been born to OXO’s 54 employees at the head office in New York. With that experience comes a lot of passion and a lot of ideas. 
As with all OXO projects, extensive user-based research was conducted before and during the development process. The Product Team examined every aspect of products, from how children hold handles to how they sit on chairs. They looked at types of materials used and manufacturing processes that would provide them with opportunities for improvement that would be the most meaningful to parents and children.
So back to the story at hand, lil' Kai will be almost 8 months when my mom sees him for the first time which means he'd have started feasting on my all-planned-out recipes for yummy organic homemade pureed goodness. I first saw OXO tot on Bubalot and I feel in love with their designs  ... like I did with Beaba, Boon and Skip*Hop (rolls eyes) and I'm particularly drawn to their feeding range especially these dishes/plates because I now have a messy eater who thinks meal times are like a spade to a sand at the beach.

The OXO Tot Divided Feeding Dish
The OXO Tot Divided Plate
The OXO Tot Baby Food Freezer Tray
The OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage
So many choices I'm giddy with retail therapy joy {hubby just rolled his eyes at me ... again}. I just hope my mom won't get taxed too much of overweight luggage {but if you do, take a deep breath, remember that I love you and think of your healthy and happy grandson when he's eating yummy food prepared using all the above}.

September 3, 2012

lil' kai's birth story

My mum resides in US and since she can't make it home until spring next year, I moved in with my in-laws so they can help me with the my toddler and when baby arrives. Hubby came home from KL on Thursday, 30 August after work. When he saw how low my bulge got in a week, he commented that baby was going to come that weekend but I just smiled {and thought "Yeah, rite!"} and brushed the thought off. We made the move Friday morning on 31 August. There was the usual packing and unpacking associated with moving and that knocked me out completely by 8pm but no imminent signs of labor ahead.

The next morning, I woke up feeling like I got run over by a freight train. I blamed it on the move the day before and got ready for work dreading the next four hours in the office. I was glad hubby was driving me to work that morning because I did not trust myself behind the wheel feeling the way I did. My muscles ached in places I didn't know could ache and baby felt like he dropped a couple miles further down south. Walking felt exhausting and my Braxton Hicks contractions seemed to have picked up a notch compared to the day before. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable.

By noon, I was glad I could go home. Hubby and I grabbed a quick lunch and he dropped me off at 2pm while he went to check on his car at the mechanics (his engine suffered a cardiac arrest on his way home). I managed to sneak in a few hours of sleep until 5pm when Poslaju woke me up with my Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler rocker delivery.

I was feeling better compared to the morning although my Braxton Hicks continued every few minutes of so from the moment I woke up. It didn't feel any different but I decided to time them anyway since hubby was  very sure baby was going to come earlier than my EDD which was slated to be on 19 September. He's also been asking me "Is the baby coming yet?" every time I spaced out (I usually do that when my Braxton Hicks hits) which got me paranoid and on to the bandwagon that hubby might be right and baby may come early.

The whole family went out for dinner that evening. I was fine until around 6.30pm when my Braxton Hicks got quite painful and they were between 6 to 13 minutes apart. Hubby decided to whisk me back to the house to shower and finish packing our hospital bag by 6.45pm because I could not sit through a contraction by then. We drove to the hospital at 8pm and by the time I got admitted and checked by the nurse at 8.30pm, I was 5cm dilated; 100% effaced and baby's head was at -2. By then I had to admit, hubby was right about baby arriving early and he totally rubbed it in my face the whole night. In my defense, I didn't have a bloody show, I didn't loose my mucus plug and my water didn't break ... again. Lil' Kai's EDD was still 18 days away! Besides, lil' Ee didn't make her entrance until 38 weeks so I didn't expect lil' Kai to until 38 weeks or later.

George was called in and arrived at 9.30pm. He broke my water bag at 9.45pm and although the contractions after were still bearable and I still did not have the urge to push after ten minutes. They decided to wheel me into the delivery room anyway to wait it out and they did not have to wait long because by 10pm, I wanted to push bad. 

After four very exhausting pushes without any "happy gas" and a very small {according to George} episiotomy, lil' Kai finally popped out screaming at 10.13pm.

Born 37.5 week, he still weighed 3kg on the dot so I was glad he came out when he did because I could not phatom trying to push out a 4kg baby if I carried him till full term!

It's now three days postpartum. Although I'm exhausted from having to wake up half a dozen time to feed, change diapers and pump in the night, physically I feel it wasn't as tough on me as it was when I gave birth to lil' Ee.  Even my MIL commented I wasn't as zombified as I was previously. My episiotomy doesn't hurt as much this time and I can walk waddle around without grimacing in pain. Perhaps I was much more prepared this time around or perhaps it was from not taking any pain medication {including the "happy gas"!} but all in all, I'm just glad labor was only 4 hours and 45 minutes {again}, that lil' Kai is healthy and lil' Ee absolutely adores him.

September 1, 2012

look who's here?!

Baby Ethan Chin has arrived! Here's a photo of a very exhausted but proud daddy, big sister and my little baby boy. I guess was wrong.

Will update soon!

signature jpeg

looking for signs of labour

Oh! The waiting ...

I'm nearing the end of my 37 week of pregnancy and I'm still pregnant ... only with a whole lot more discomfort and the occassional jabs of pain here and there. In some ways I'm glad my baby boy has more time to grow stronger but at the same time, I'd like to have some sense of normalcy back with  my body.

Hubby and I made the move to the in-laws yesterday and all the packing, unpacking and re-arranging has at least in my opinion thrown my body's out of whack rhythm even more out of whack. My Braxton Hicks' were much more frequent and was actually uncomfortable to the point of being painful; a first in this pregnancy. Usually, they were mild and bearable. The little one was also much more active squirming and hiccupping adding to the discomfort.

I think my poor hubby is getting tired of waiting too. Everytime I scrunched my face when a Braxton Hicks hits, he'll ask "If the baby coming?!". It was funny the first few times, but after 24 hours I just told him I'll yell "Peaches!" when it's time - I totally blame this on my hormones and my daughter for overdosing me on Disney's Ice Age; "Dawn Of The Dinosaurs".

I'm still working and this morning I decided to scour the Internet to an age of question of many pregnant mums - "Am I in labour ... yet?!" and my answer - "I don't know. Maybe."

According to, there are 5 Signs That You're In Labour and I've only been able to check 2.5 off the list so I guess I'm not in labour.
  1. Your Water Breaks.
  2. You're Having Strong, Regular Contractions.
  3. You Notice a Discharge. - Check!
  4. You Get Diarrhea - Check! At least once a day. My apologies ... TMI.
  5. Your Back Really Hurts. - Only when I lie sit or lie down for too long at a time.
So, I guess I'll have to deal with possible another 18 days more of pregnancy.

Oh! The waiting ...