August 9, 2012

week 34!

I am now in the middle of my 34th week and this week my body no longer feels like my own. During my last appointment with George two weeks ago, I know that my lil' man has turned head-down which would explain the pressure I constantly have on my bladder and my need to go visit the loo much more often now compared to my second trimester.

So, what's new this week ... Fatigue. It is worse than when I was in my first trimester. Exhaustion has reached a whole new level this week. Might be from my inability to sleep comfortably the last few weeks or it might be from all this excess weight from baby and the water in the amniotic sac which reaches it's maximum volume this week and will likely stay that way until I deliver. That's an average of 20 pounds but at the last weigh-in, my lil' man was already at 2.1 kgs! During our latest appointment with George, he weighed in at 2.7 kgs so I'm definately going to be expecting a 3 kgs plus baby. It does scare me a tad because Adrianna was only 2.63 kgs when she was born but I suppose when the time comes, I won't even remember and George will have done a splendid job *fingers crossed!*.

Baby is suppose to drop starting this week too. Not too sure how that's going to work for me because I've been carrying him quite low this entire pregnancy and feel like he might drop out if I walk too fast or squat down so if he's going to drop any further, I'd have to waddle with my legs close which gives a whole new definition to the penguin walk.

Other than that, everyone is doing fine. George has hinted that our lil' man may come early but not to be too worried about it. Hard not to be because he also mentioned he'll be out of town during the Hari Raya holidays and will only be back on the 28th! Our lil' man better not come until after the 28th or mama will not be very happy. Hubby on the other hand is getting excited about meeting his son and I think he'll be an even more fantastic dad after having experience with our little girl.

Oh well ... four to six week more. Wait, I've mentioned that a few posts already, haven't I?

Pfft. Pregnancy brain.