August 27, 2012

the start of week 37

I’m starting my 37th week today and to say I do not want my lil’ man out of me very, very soon (like in the next couple of days) would be an outright blatant lie. I am honestly quite done feeling like a beached whale in the last couple of weeks but waking up this morning actually feeling and looking like one was very humbling – minus the swelling of my legs, which I am wondering when will happen because then it’ll mean labor is near. In fact, I haven’t swelled up much this pregnancy. I can still take my wedding ring off unlike when I was pregnant with Adrianna. Hubby was worried that my ring finger might turn blue and fall off by the time the 8th month of pregnancy rolled around.

Last night my Braxton Hicks were still irregular but they definitely went up a notch in the pain department and this morning, I could hardly find the energy to get ready for work. My stomach feels so heavy and the muscles are definitely feeling the strain and mind you this was happening all day long – could all this overnight changes be impending labor in the coming days?

Stay tuned ...