August 17, 2012

the graco mirage travel system

After being in storage for over a year, the hubby got our stroller out from under plastic wraps and brought the baby bassinett home with him from KL when he got home last night; we had loaned it to our cute baby niece last year and she's since graduated to a beautiful little two year-old.

When I looked at them again this morning, I'd forgotten how huge these things were but then the hubby had a penchant of buying things with big wheels and big things for our little girl ... you should see the kid's diaper bag, her crib and her current baby car seat; they are big and when I mean big I literally mean gigantic! (I wonder what happened to the phrase "demure" when it comes to little girls?!)

Hubby got the Graco Mirage Travel System in "Black Jack" for Adrianna about a month before she was born from myBBstore for about RM1,300 plus including postage. I forget the actual price tag but it was on sale at that time. When the box came, they were about my size and mind you I was eight months pregnant! I was only driving a wee Proton Wira hatchback and the baby bassinet alone took up half the backseat.

Other than the size, and with the size comes the weight especially with baby in it ... I don't actually have a complain about them.

The stroller is easy to fold down and it's well weighted so it feels really sturdy which means I've never had to worry about the stroller falling backwards if I hung my gigantic diaper bag off it - even when it's sans baby.

The wheels are huge but surprisingly easy to manouvere with one hand even when the stroller on full load - very useful for this rather uncoordinated mama.

There's also a very handy basket to dump whatever you need to underneath especially when you go shopping, with ample spacing too if baby is on board. Cool right?

When Adrianna was still in between the stages of being an infant and toddler somewhere around Chinese New Year in 2010, we being the Chinese that we are would go out for dinner at restaurants during the first few days. During dinner my little girl got extremely cranky because she was sleepy so hubby tilted the stroler seat back, tucked a pillow underneath her head, pulled out a flap from somewhere and made a boxed-like-bed and placed a blanket on top of her. She slept through the entire dinner in a nice little make-do bed without her legs sticking out. Cool, huh? I never knew we had that feature until hubby did that - letting hubby choose the stroller (as big as it was) was the best decision I made.

Yeah, we do get stares from people when we take out stroller out probably from the sheer size of it and this is after all Ipoh ... but when you weigh the features it comes with they can stare all the want.

Now ... cleaning up this dang thing before our lil' man arrives - that is another story.