August 13, 2012

the dark side of my pregnancy

Lately, quite a few people in my life thinks it's fun to start pushing this pregnant lady's buttons. I'm usually a very patient person and if I were to ever loose my cool with someone, it usually means they've pushed me to the very limit and according to my friends, I have a pretty well-buffered limit.

I've only ever lost it once during my first pregnancy and I was 8 weeks pregnant then and didn't know that I was. Now with this pregnancy especially when I hit my week 33 mark, I seem to loose it every single weekday morning and evening and for good reason too only I may have blown it out of proportion at times.

The thing is, it's not only because of hormones. It's also due to the cumulative discomforts of pregnancy. According to Clark Gillespie, M.D., author of Your Pregnancy Month by Month ... "In the early months, pregnant women experience nausea, the inability to eat a proper meal, fatigue, tender breasts and the fear that something might go wrong. And as time goes on, there's insomnia, heartburn, more pressue on the bowels and bladder and the constant feeling of overheating - all of which contributes to irritability."

I'm growing a human in here and it's a tough job. I'm also in pain because my little one has been head down since week 32 and now that he's piling on 0.5 oz a week, he's been putting a heck of a lot of pressure on my pelvic region to the point that I'm not able to walk without feeling like I'm grinding my pelvic bones to powder.

I still have tons of work to finish up at in the office. I also have no fixed date to go on maternity leave (because if I go on leave early, I'll hear no end of it from my MIL who will be constantly reminding me how I wasted the few precious days of maternity leave to laze around the house like she did the last time, not taking into any consideration at all that I'm in total and utter discomfort!) so work and filing is constantly piling up with no finish line in sight; which in turn frustrates the living daylights out of me. How on earth am I suppose to hand anything over to whoever is going to supervise all this work at this rate?!

Sigh. Seriously ... give this heavily pregnant, hot flashed and in-pain preggo lady a break can y'all?