August 7, 2012

my lil' man's coming home outfit

There have been loads of "finally" accomplished last weekend and I'm pretty happy about that especially with only 4-6 weeks to go before I'm due to go into labor. The last of my "finally" is our lil' one's coming home outfit which I finally gotten off my MIL who's been keeping it in storage since my daughter was born a little over three years ago.

Yes. You read right. It's not brand new (... I can hear gasps of horror right about now).

I love this particular onesie because the bottom can be converted from pants to gown and the mittens are "sewn-in" so all I have to do is tuck the sleeves inside out and not have to worry about misplacing a mitten. The outfit was originally a gift from my mum to my daughter when she was born but it didn't get to my daughter until she was about 2 months old because hubby couldn't schedule a trip to US on time. So by the time he got it home with it, it was a tad snug for her. She's only worn it once for photo sake and been in storage ever since.

On the flip side, it's been washed and dried a few times so it's super soft and I think my lil' man will appreciate that. Besides, we'll be driving straight home from the hospital so as long as it's not the same outfit as his big sister's when she came home, I should not have a complaining tween in the near future telling his mama that he wore the same outfit as his big sister and that we his parents are el-cheapo (well, we are sort of ... in a good way but he'll understand).

I guess with this pregnancy, I realised that the hype of buying everything brand new is a little over-rated so we're trying to save where we can. Of course, there have been some splurges here and there but nothing overly crazy like I did with my daughter which ended up with us having quite a few items unused.

Four to six week more! Can't wait ...