August 16, 2012

how stupid can parents actually be?!

It's only 8.55am and I am furious after reading this piece of news from Asia One, "Home Alone Baby Saved from Burning Flat". This happened in Butterworth, about an hour and a half from where I live.

What perplexes me is that the babysitter, a 48-year old woman could actually feel it justified to leave a 6-month old baby alone in the house and go do some marketing nearby while the baby was sleeping.

I know babysitting an infant is no easy feat but to even fathom leaving him alone is down right stupid and irresponsible! Could she not wait for the father who had just fetched the elder sibling from kindergarten to come home first? What could possible be so important that she had to rush to the market first?!

Saved by the neighbour, the infant is now in critical care with 70% of his body inflicted with first degree burns caused by a falling oil lamp.

In another development, this one even closer to home ... "Four Year Old Girl Dies, Relative Quizzed". The girl died of suspected physical abuse after a post-mortem was performed. No matter how naughty a child may be, and my daughter is no angel; it also does not warrant such physical harm.

In both cases, I feel so bad for the child but I feel absolutely nothing but anger and disgust towards the adults particularly the parents who would condone such stupidity and irresponsibility in their lives and their household no matter the circumstances.

Makes me want to go home, hug and kiss my darling daughter now even if she was awfully naughty last night.