August 28, 2012

ah goo baby plush pads at RM99!

Heads up, mums-to-be who is looking for a portable changing pad for baby!

Tiny Tapir is clearing their Ah Goo Baby Plush Pads at RM99 instead of RM119; a savings of RM20! The catch? The foam memory mattress inside the cover is slightly discolored, probably due to exposure to light which happens. I’m not sure to what extent but I decided to get one in Poppy anyway since the staff assured me that the discoloration didn’t smear onto the white plush cover and doesn't effect it's primary function at all ; it's just smudged.

Fine. Call me an el-cheapo but the foam mattress will be hidden by the cover anyway and if the cover is discolored; there’s always Google to help me find a way of removing the stains au natural or otherwise.

Hopefully, hubby will be able to pick it up together with the super hard to find Grovia Magic Stick diaper ointment tomorrow before he comes home for the long weekend. I love dealing with the staff at Tiny Tapir. I just dropped them an eMail last night and they're already on it; delivering the plush pad to the retail store tomorrow morning and making sure that my Grovia Magic Stick will be there too.

Will post photos and a review when I get my hands on them. Can't wait!