July 11, 2012

of pigs and birds

How was your weekend?

I spent mine with a tub of Wilton's ready made gumpaste, Americolor's gel paste food dye in Lime Green, Holiday Red, Yellow and Black, a small little brush, a tiny cup of water and a box of corn flour. And from all that I made these lil' fellas; the pig clan and the emotionally charged bird clan from the Angry Birds game.

Yup. There are the cupcake toppers for my little girl's birthday this coming Friday. They'll be going on the cupcakes for her classmates.

I made the mistake of having her in the same room with me when I was making them. Naturally being the curious little almost three-year-old that she is, she asked me what I was doing and I told her what they were for. And then she looked at me with her big eyes and said, "Mama, keep for baby girl, please? Don't want to give to friends, please?" and I melted.

So, the next couple of nights will be spent with my tub of gumpaste, more food colouring from Americolor, my trusty brush and tiny lil' cup of water. The things moms do for their kids ...