July 17, 2012

week 31

When I found out I was pregnant in January, I literally trudged through my first trimester wondering when I'll reach my third trimester. Now that I'm in my third trimester, I'm wondering what happened to my second trimester. Yes, pregnant women are weird that way and I personally blame my pregnancy hormones entirely.

So, now to the stats; baby boy this week should be weighing about 1.14 kgs to 1.72 kgs, measuring between 15.2" to 16.7" long. My last appointment with Dr. George was two weeks ago and he was already weighing about 1.4 kgs; a healthy weight gain.

Mama on the other hand isn't gaining a whole lot of weight. My pre-pregnancy weight was about 75 kgs and the last time I stood on a scale, I was only 83 kgs, an 8 kgs (about 17 lbs.) gain. Some website says I should have gained about 9.5 kgs to 12.5 kgs by now but I'm definately not complaining. Keeping my weight low for now is definately a merciful thing to do to my already very stressed out back and aching feet. Hopefully I won't bloat up in epic proportions in next 7 to 9 weeks to come.

My little man has been squirming and kicking up quite a storm in the last couple of days. I use to count his kicks during mid-morning when he's the most active but nowadays, he is quite busy in my tummy either rearranging my bladder or doing some karate chops. One way or the other, I'm just happy he's growing well.