July 23, 2012

our honeymoon revisited

I hate Mondays.

This time it is not a pregnancy thing. I just don't like Mondays. Perhaps if I had Saturdays off and actually manage to get a little more rest and snooze into my system during the weekend I'd like it just a little more but right now I absolutely detest Mondays.

So while at work this morning and in a daze of utter tiredness and sleepiness, my brain showhow wondered off to one of the best vacations I've ever had in my life; our almost week long honeymoon in Langkawi right after our wedding which hubby planned all on his own. I think it was his contribution to our wedding since I planned the entire wedding.

Hubby was very secretive about our honeymoon. He didn't let our where we were heading until the very morning we started our 4 hour drive to goodness know where. The only clue he did give me was to expect lots of sand so I figured it would be a beach but which one was a total surprise and he really did surprise me, four times in less than a week and each surprise got better and better.

For starters, after about an hour of driving he told me we were heading to Langkawi Island. He couldn't really hide it for long because I would be reading the road signs and figure it out on my own. The drive to the Kedah jetty was beautiful especially when the sun was just about rising and there was a stretch of the highway which was covered with fog; dangerous to drive through but absolutely beautiful when the sunlight crept in.

When we arrived at the island, his second surprise was where we would be staying at; The Andaman. One of the most beautiful resorts in Malaysia, not to mention one of the most expensive but hubby managed to secure a good deal. It was such a treat!

Hubby's new girlfriend in our room; the expresso machine with complimentary capsules.

A cheesy pose with hubby, his new; toy the camera and his girlfriend; the expresso machine.

We spent the first two days doing the usual tourist thing; driving around in our rental, visiting local sights and sounds, enjoying the local food and duty free shopping. One of the best places we ate was at The Sunba Restaurant; the Bruschetta was absolutely delicious. I wonder if it's still around today?

Hubby looked so young then, compared to now. Less worry lines around his eyes, but still as cute.

Spending a day at the Langkawi GeoPark.
Hubby had a great time terrorizing me on the way up in the cable cars.

On the third day, hubby surprised me with surprise number three. He woke me up early and decided to drag me along for a walk around the resort. He literally had to herd me up a hill and into a villa where I later found out was a spa and he had booked us an appointment. My first spa experience and at The Andaman no less!

The main spa villa was built on stilts overlook the Andaman Sea.

Our welcome drink; a detoxing mix of honey and tumeric and ... I'm not quite sure but it sure was yummy.

Hubby relaxing and enjoying another cuppa of the yummy tea after our spa session.

And then evening came and while deciding what to have for dinner, hubby suggested we take a walk along the beach and came surprise number four. This ...

A romantic dinner for two on the beach with our very own personal waiter.

I remember hubby walking me towards the table setting and all the while I was thinking we should not be disturbing the dinner planned for someone else. Then I saw a waiter holding a huge bouquet of purple flowers and I literally froze where I stood and started bawling my eyes out. I was so embarassed (don't get me wrong, I was super happy) but I was so embarassed because I was only in tees and shorts!

We couldn't really see our food because it was quite dark but hubby ordered the best the resort chef had, including lobster and it was the best dinner I've ever had with hubby. 

The candlelight at our table.
It was getting really dark and hubby's new Canon EOS 450D didn't do quite well in the dark, especially when it was only equipped with a meager 1.8mm macro lens.

The bonfire that accompanied us during dinner.

The night sky, on our way back to our room.

It's amazing how romantic new husbands can be. Hubby's lost some of that romantic streak in him now but I guess it's because he's got other things in his mind nowadays compared to where we were four years ago.

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