July 29, 2012

our fourth's inspiration

As usual before I embark on any project, I'll spend a few days stalking my usual inspiration websites (i.e. Pinterest, Craftgawker, Etsy and Google Images) for ideas.

Since I already figured out how to go about cheating on our fourth anniversary's surprise cake for hubby, I needed ideas for the decoration; something that represented us as a family. So, in keeping to my original theme of bunnies since I was going to get carrot cake slices, I found a store on Etsy selling custom-handmade uber kawaii wedding cake toppers called Kikuke Handmade Studio.

I found so many inspirational photos that I could not decide on which figure to draw inspiration on. I wanted to try my hands at all the figurines but then I'd have to change the theme of our cake into a zoo, not that I'm not living in one now especially with my very imaginative princess but I finally settled on these four images which I think sums hubby, myself, our little girl and soon-to-come baby boy as a family.

The bunny rabbits will represent hubby and I and because the suitcase is uber kawaii (it's my new catch phrase now so stop rolling your eyes) and I'm in desperate need of a holiday, I'll incorporate that into my design as well hoping hubby will get the hint. Adrianna is represented by a teddy bear because she cannot be without her Tooh Bear (the teddy bear she lugs around with her all day) and our little boy will be the little pea in the pod since he's only due September.

Kawaii, right?! Now ... wish me luck.