July 27, 2012

my new fancy smancy office chair

Look what I got at work today! Well, not just me ... the entire office but look what I got at work today! A brand spanking fancy smancy ergonomic office chair with a fancy smancy name; The Bristol Soul in black/aluminium.

At first glance, the chair looks rather space age with buttons and levers sticking out almost everywhere. It's very skeletal looking contributing to the "space age" look even more. The part where you seat your behind is cushioned and slightly contoured but the part where your back goes is meshed with a lumbar support piece behind it.

The user manual boasts quite a few moves this chair can do like:
  1. TILT TENSION allows the user to set the resistance of the chair when leaning back to support and balance the user's weight in any position.
  2. TILT LIMITER allows a user to sit in an upright position or partially reclined locked position.
  3. SEAT HEIGHT/DEPTH allows the user to adjust the height of the seat for good support and blood circulation in the legs.
  4. ARMREST ADJUSTMENT allows the user to rest the arms in a position which suits the user best and promote better sitting position - able to be adjusted front-to-back, side-to-side, up-or-down and even angle wise!
  5. LUMBAR ADJUSTMENT allows the user to adjust the position of the lumbar support for good support and blood circulation of the back.
I personally like the seat depth and lumbar adjustment features especially being 32.5 weeks pregnant. The chair cushions the behind pretty well too because it's not flat like most office chairs, it actually has a curvature that contours to the behind, well at least my behind.

It does take a while to adjust the chair contoured specifically to me but so far so good. We'll see how this chair performs in the long run.

The price tag, RM900 plus ... woah!