July 16, 2012

my first angry birds themed cupcakes

I have been wanting to do fancy shamncy cupcakes for ages and last weekend I finally did a batch of cupcakes for Adrianna's 3rd birthday. Hubby was impressed I could pull something like this off the first time around. I guess he doesn't know his wife as well as he thinks he does. My baby girl was much more estatic about the cupcakes than the cake her grandparents bought her.

Also promised, I redid a new batch of birds and pigs so my baby girl had an extra set and I think the second set turned out better than the first. They just looked neater and the sizes were more consistent.

However, I think the butter cupcakes recipe still needs work. I followed a recipe I found online but it turned out a tad dry so I'll definately be experimenting again with less flour the next time. The cream cheese frosting however was a hit with hubby. I'll post the recipes soon once I get the butter cupcake ratio correct.

But in the meantime, here are some photos of Adrianna's cupcakes ... my favourite cupcake would have to be the King Pig log and frying pan combo. I how dainty the crown turned out.

The letters were stamped on one by one because the spacing looked wonky when I used the slider, hence the weird alignment.

The whole set. I know 14 cupcakes is a weird number. I originally had 18 but 4 ended up in our tummies before it could make it to the decoration table.

You're probably wondering what's with the lil' mouse emoticon ... I'm not sure why it's there but I think it has something to do with my 31 week pregnancy hormones and the utter cuteness of it. I got it here.