July 13, 2012

lil' ee is three today!

My baby girl is three years old and I'm all melancholy because I feel like I haven't spent enough time with her especially in the last 31 weeks I was pregnant.

I was determined to make it up to her today so I requested hubby to come back a day early from KL and I took a day off work so we could spend it with her.

Lil' Ee woke up on her own on her birthday, got ready for school with no fuss and posed for a quick photo all smiles before we dropped her off at school. I think she -ed the idea of having both her daddy and mummy sending her to school.

The rest of the morning was spent finishing up the fondant decoration for her cupcakes and beating up a tub of cream cheese frosting which I'll be posting on later in the week.

Later in the morning, I picked her up from school later in the morning and as promised, took her to the balloon shop and she picked out 3 balloons then collected her Angry Bird themed birthday cake from Sarah's place where she requested for a frying pan. Got to  her memory when it comes to the Angry Birds game!

My happy baby girl (she's always going to be my baby girl) and her birthday balloons.
She got a red flower, a pink heart and a green marbled balloon.

Lil' Ee's Angry Birds themed cake from Sarah Lim.
Thanks for adding the frying pan impromptu for my baby girl!
-ing the sunny side up twist!

After that little adventure, next on my list was giving her loads of xoxo and getting my baby girl to take her afternoon nap. I think the excitement tired her out because she was KO-ed by 1.30pm after a bottle of milk and slept until 4.30pm. I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up her cupcakes and cleaning up. Needless to say I was a very exhausted but happy mummy especially when lil' Ee woke up and was super happy with the cupcakes I made her that she was literally jumping around.

Later in the evening, I dressed my birthday girl up in her brand spanking new Gymboree dress and we all piled in the car; balloons, cakes and cupcakes and drove to the inlaws for small birthday party which I think totally made my baby girl's day.

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweetheart!

With so much and hugs and kisses always,
Daddy and Mummy