July 24, 2012

i can't stop chewing on ice!

I just cannot stop chewing on ice cubes; morning, afternoon and evening. I don't go out of my way to buy ice cubes like I read some woman do but I do make sure I've remembered to refill the ice cubes tray with water to freeze overnight after emptying them when I come home from the office.

{Note To Self!} Put huge neon sticky note on fridge for hubby to do the same.

Termed as a type of pica or cravings called Pagophagia, I started this chewing habit around week 28 of this pregnant, right about the time my third trimester began. With Adrianna, chewing ice didn't kick in a few weeks after delivery and only lasted for about two to three weeks, much to my husband's relieve.

So, is chewing on ice bad for me now when I'm 31 weeks pregnant? My blood test didn't show any iron deficiencies which is one of the main causes for the need to chew ice. Many pregnant woman in the forum I frequent also reports having ice cube/crushed ice chewing cravings, and their blood work like mine all came back normal.

Guess it boils down to me having one of those weird pregnancy cravings. As long as I'm eating right and getting all the proper nutrition in and of course, drinking at least 2L of water a day, George has given me the green light to chew away, except maybe keep my dentist's number close by in case I break a tooth.