July 28, 2012

free depend sample pack

No. I do not have an urinary incontinence issue but I do have a pee trickling issue every morning I gag while cleaning my tongue or whenever I sneeze, which has been quite often due to the wonderful hormones of pregnancy that finds it loads of fun to tickle my nose at its whim and fancy. Also, living in a warm humid climate and constantly moving from the extremely hot of the ouside into the cool air-conditioning of the office or home doesn't help with in the sneeze department either.

And the other thing that seems to increase as my pregnancy progresses - discharge. Not a pleasant experience and having to change pantiliners every two to three hours is a drag!

So, last night while stalking my usual pregnancy forum on my iPhone, I came across a post; Depend was giving out free samples of their new Women's Depend Sillouhette and the lady who posted it suggested we try it for postnatal bleeding instead of the usual disposable underwear and super long maxi menstrual pads with wings. Since the Depend free samples were an all-in-one and the cut of the underwear is as its named; "Sillouhette" and snug against the body, the chances of leakage is quite minimised.

I suppose that made sense because after giving birth to Adrianna, I bled so much I had to change every two to three hours. I was also double padded then and still I bled right through into the sheets.

I don't think Depend is being sold here in Malaysia. I have however seen Tena which promotes their adult diapers for the elderly so I think I'll be giving that a miss. Then there's also Poise but they only come in pad form.

Hubby already bought and packed me two packs of Sofy Comfort Night Slim 41cm with side gathers and disposable underwears from Guardian but I figured I'd give the Depend samples a try anyway; they are after all free. The catch though is that it's from USA but MIL and BIL has made some online purchase from the US and are planning to send a package back via warehousing services in the next few weeks so the timing was perfect.

Apparently the sample pack includes 2 Depend® Silhouette for Women Briefs in all sizes (S/M and L/XL). Not too sure if I'll fit into the S/M but I'll write an honest review about the samples if I successfully receive and are able to try them out.

Click here if you'd like to try them out too but you will need a valid US address and someone to help you send it back to Malaysia for you!

{ Update! } The samples didn't make to the warehouse so I guess no reviews for this product!