July 25, 2012

a surprise for hubby on our fourth!

While tossing and turning in bed last night due to my newest third trimester symptom; sleeplessness, a lightbulb kind of switched on atop of my head - that would probably have been the reason why I was tossing and turning in bed. *mumble, mumble. dang lightbulb!*

On 8th August 2008; the same day China hosted the Olympics, hubby and I settled into Indulgence and celebrated our wedding with 100 guests comprising of family members and closest friends. Four years down the road, we are blessed with a 3 year old beautiful daughter who takes a lot after her daddy and a little baby boy due in September who's character hopefully will be a little more subdued than her rambunctious big sister.

Since our wedding anniversary this year falls in the middle of the week and hubby will be in KL, we'd probably have an early celebration and I thought I'd surprise hubby with an anniversary cake; it wouldn't be entirely homemade because I'd be 34 weeks pregnant then and probably in an extremely lazy mood to clean. And this is where that dang lighbulb sneaks in ...

I've been told by quite a few people that my brain sometimes has the ability to come up with scenarios to wiggle and sneak out of tight spots. I tend to agree but it does take up a lot of brain juice, you know. So for this scenario of being preggo and exhausted yet wanting to do something special for hubby, I've come up with this plan ...
  1. Buy eight slices of carrot cake from Secret Recipe. I decided to get the carrot cake slices because they are cut square and solid enough for what I plan to do with them.
  2. "Steal" some of the cream cheese off the top of each slice for frosting.
  3. Stack the carrot cake slices with the cream cheese frosting facing each other into a larger square.
  4. Frost the stacked cake with "stolen" frosting then cover with fondant.
  5. Decorate with gum paste.
  6. Surprise hubby.
I haven't quite figured out the decorating part yet but it'd probably be very minimal and most likely be with a bunny theme just because it's a "carrot cake" and because these bunnies I hope to be inspired by from Delectable by Su are too cute too resist. My bunny mission will be starting tonight since my princess will be spending the night at gramp's so wish me luck and hope to post some photos ... if I'm successful.

{ Image from Delectable by Su }