July 26, 2012

week 32.5

So I paid George a visit after work today to check up on my little boy. After about 10 minutes of consultatation, a prick on my index finger to check my sugar levels and prodding around my tummy with the ultrasound scanner thingy; my little boy is growing well, has already decided to turn head-down cushioned comfortably on my pelvic area and bladder and is 2.1 kgs or about 4.63 lbs.

Wait a sec., 4.63 lbs ... are you sure?!

Adrianna was about 5.71 lbs when she was born at 38 weeks; by the time she met the world I was as limp as a jelly fish due to sheer exhaustion. Now with about 6 to 8 weeks to go before I go into labour, that would give my little man time to pile on a few more pounds which means I'll be pushing out a 6 to 7 pounder baby! I know I shouldn't be selfish, worry about myself during labour which is more than a month away and that I should be happy that my little boy is growing up strong.

Oh well, call me a chicken then.

Oh well, many woman around the world has coped giving birth to bigger babies. I'll manage. But you can still call me a chicken. Pthhh ...