June 7, 2012

in ♥ with graco's playard

My nesting instinct has definately kicked in, although sadly my bank account is far from catching up. I so have a few more things to purchase so I decided to poke around one online shops, found and fell absolutely in  with this; the GracoBaby Pack n' Play Playard with reversible napper and changer. 

I'm hoping to tempt hubby into buying one but I don't think he's going to like the RM599 price because he still lives in the USD $ time line where it only retails for USD $99.99 (Totally crazy price difference even after conversion, right?! So unfair!)

MIL did mention about getting another playard because the one Adrianna used was an old Graco hand-me-down which is close to 10 years old now. It's going to make another appearance again for my lil' man when he debuts in September but it'll be used downstairs for his naps which leaves the upstair room I'll be occupying without anything for him to nap or sleep on at night.

When I move back home with both the kids, my little baby boy will inherit his big sister's crib because we've decided to upgrade her into her room with her own big girl's bed, so hubby's probably going to argue that point and the no-need-to-spend-another-RM599 point and unfortunately the logical side of me will most likely agree with him too because we live in a single storey house and the kid's room to any other room in the house isn't all that far.

The "GracoBaby Pack n' Play Playard" with the napper side up.
Just press a button and flip the napper into a changing station.
How convenient!

MyBBStore only had two colour options available and if hubby agrees to getting one I'm probably going for Soho Squares because Roman seems a tad too green. Hubby and I rich colors and the room we're planning to convert into the kid's room will be in hues of rich dark brown and another lighter shade (probably beige-y if I have my way) with wooden flooring, so Soho Squares will fit right in.