June 5, 2012

first day at school

It's finally June and Adrianna's starting school; well, technically she's only starting nursery because she's only almost three years old.

Her first day was on 1st June and because I had to work, my inlaws offered to take her instead and I would be able to drop her off on Monday morning instead.

Adrianna settled in beautifully in school on her first day. No tantrums and she didn't even once ask for her mommy or grandparents. I was so proud of her because my mother-in-law was totally expecting a meltdown from her and I'm glad my baby girl proved her wrong.

The weekend passed and came Monday morning. I asked her to pose with a home-made printed poster I made for her during the weekend which reads "First Day @ Nursery June 2012". In fine print, I also wrote "And Momma's doing that tissue thing again."

I totally did. I had to take a deep breath when I took the photo or risk bursting into tears. As always, Adrianna was super excited about going to school and rushed me out the door and that was the start of our morning getting her ready to school routine which will last for quite some years to come.