May 21, 2012

week 23!

When I first found out I was pregnant and was suffering through the first trimester symptoms, I wished the second trimester would come faster and provide me some reprive. Who knew I had survive the last couple of months without much of a hassle and I'm now happily 23 weeks! It'll only be 17 weeks or less to go before I get to meet my little baby boy!

Oddly enough, I haven't gone bonkers (not the least bit!) shopping for this little one. I'm still as calm as a clam ... I must have caught the "last minute" syndrome from hubby much to my mother-in-law's annoyance because previously by this time with lil' Ee, I'd have bought half a room of baby things whether I needed them or not. Other than three cute little rompers (including one "World's Cutest Little Brother tee which I absolutely could not resist getting) we got on sale at FOS, that's pretty much what we've bought. Told you; calm as a clam, right?

I guess it's because we don't have a lot of things we need to purchase as we already have most of what we need. Other than newborn bottles and a sterilizer (and we might be venturing into cloth diapering aka CD this time but more on that later as I'm still reading and stalking other CD moms), we're pretty much set.

17 weeks more! Can't wait to meet my little new man ...